Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Empowered Against Prostate Cancer: Patrick Maguire MD Gives Patients The Information They Need In New Guide

When cancer hits home and the diagnosis is prostate cancer, patients naturally experience fear. Dr. Patrick Maguire hopes to alleviate some of those fears and offers important information in his recently published guide 'Empowered Against Prostate Cancer: Treatment Guide with Patient Stories'

In the minds of many people, a diagnosis of prostate cancer equals a death sentence. But this widely held belief is a fallacy, as Dr. Patrick Maguire demonstrates in his recently published guide, 'Empowered Against Prostate Cancer: Treatment Guide With Patient Stories'.

“People are hearing conflicting information about testing and various treatment options for prostate cancer,” stated Dr. Patrick Maguire. “There are lots of weapons against this type of cancer, but an informed patient is the greatest of them all.”

Finding information about prostate cancer online is a monumental task. Who should have PSA testing and how often? Which men with prostate cancer are best served by watchful waiting? What are the relative risks and benefits of treatment with radiation seeds versus surgery with robotic prostatectomy? What is intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)? Much of the information on various websites is scattered, disorganized, confusing, and written in difficult to understand terminology. Some of the information available online is simply untrue. Dr. Maguire hopes to clear up the confusion and offer instead clear, easy to understand, factual information written in layman's terms.

'Empowered Against Prostate Cancer: Treatment Guide with Patient Stories'  discusses treatment options in the context of the unique tales of numerous patients. The combination of touching personal accounts with expert recommendations separates this invaluable guide from other books about prostate cancer available in the marketplace.

The guide is available for sale online as a Kindle eBook at and in PDF (for those without eReaders) at Dr. Maguire's website. Dr. Maguire is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information on this and many other topics is available at Dr. Maguire's website.


Since completing his cancer specialty training at Duke University Medical Center, Dr. Patrick Maguire has been caring for patients with cancer in coastal North Carolina for 11 years. He is the author of multiple scientific articles as well as a recently published guidebook for patients and their families entitled “When Cancer Hits Home.” Dr. Maguire is the leader of two multimillion dollar grants from the National Cancer Institute to help improve cancer outcomes for the underserved, including African Americans, the elderly, and the poor.


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