Monday, September 12, 2011

An Interview With Dr. Vito Rallo

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Vito Rallo, author of 'Exposing The Dangers Behind Martial Arts And Yoga'

Q – I am wondering what prompted you to write this book?

A – I felt impressed to write this book because I saw martial arts and yoga coming into Christian’s lives more and more, and even into the four walls of many churches.  For many people, they deceptively believed that martial arts could be used as an evangelistic tool to draw people to their church.  Because of my extensive background in karate, the Lord knew I had the experience and the background to expose it for what it really is, and to warn others of the inherent spiritual dangers!  As far as yoga, it, too, is being brought into churches as well, and supposedly Christianized under the guise of a place where “faith and fitness meet.”  Actually the real purpose according to a Hindu missions organization in India is that Hinduism will become the dominant world religion and that Christianity will come to an end.  What better way to do that than to bring yoga right into the Christian church, where they are bowing down to Hindu gods, without even knowing it?

Q – What do you believe is the “inherent” spiritual danger behind these two eastern practices?

A - My own extensive experience in karate, as well as extensive research, revealed that the spiritual roots of these two practices are intertwined with each other and what they are rooted in is well-disguised, especially to the undiscerning.  Yoga and martial arts are connected together at their roots because all martial arts were actually birthed from yoga and meditation practices thousands of years ago.  They are both deeply rooted in the various religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen.  The DNA of all martial arts and yoga has the attachment of mysticism, transcendental meditation, and hidden (occult) practices, and this attachment cannot be “extracted,” as many believe!  Nor can the powers behind them be removed by putting a Christian label on them.  Their very nature is inherently antichrist.

Q - You rose to the highest ranks of karate, yet you are no longer doing it. Why?

A – Yes, I did, but the price that I paid was higher than I wanted to pay.  Ultimately, I came to the realization that every part of the martial arts is rooted in violence, pride, deception, and “self!”  After reading this book, many others around the world are also coming to the same conclusion and sending in their testimonies.  How can a Christian partake of these things?  In the book, I share my own testimony of how I came out, was deceived and drawn back in, and finally, came out again with a new and greater understanding―into a place of complete freedom, after thirty years!  I want to warn others so it doesn’t take them as long as it did me to see the light.

Q –  On the back of your book you asked the question, "Have you noticed how these arts are being re-packaged and promoted in the West?"  What do you mean by that?

A – It has been repackaged and made more palatable and thereby more readily accepted.  What I mean by that is that many are now calling it a “sport,” rather than what it really is, which is an “art” that has many hidden evil attributes behind it and throughout its root system.  The fact that some call it a sport came about in part because of the Olympic connection, which somehow made it appear more respectable.  These arts have been made more acceptable by putting different names on them, particularly calling them “Christian.”

Q -  Also at the back of your book, you state:  What you don't know and can't see CAN hurt you!  What do you mean by that?

A - When we practice these arts in any form, we are actually drawing power from an invisible realm.  There are only two sources of supernatural power―one is evil, one is good―so it has to be either one or the other!  Which source are we drawing from?  I clearly and thoroughly explain in my book that all power behind both of these eastern arts comes from the evil realm and opposes all that represents God.  There is nothing good about the source of this power.  The practitioners call it a universal (or cosmic) energy, which makes it appear benign and okay, but in fact, there is nothing benign about it.  The power comes from (and is enforced by) the demonic realm and that is why there will always be adverse consequences.

Q – It is very clear that you believe Christians should avoid martial arts and yoga…Why?

A - Aside from all the other explanations I have already shared, the main reason is because it breaks the first commandment that we should have no other gods besides the one true God.  There are false gods behind all forms of yoga and all forms of martial arts, because they are all rooted in religions that are antichrist.  Recently, I was at CBA’s ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) in Atlanta and talked with some Korean Christians who did not see it for what it really is.  They call their Tae Kwon Do their national sport and apparently believe it can be “cleaned up” and Christianized.  Amazingly, their national flag is the yin and yang symbol, which represents the false philosophy of Taoism, and is a symbol that one will find in most martial arts dojos.  Labeling these arts as “Christian martial arts” or “Christian yoga” would be like saying Christian prostitution or Christian witchcraft, i.e. wizardry as in Harry Potter, movies, games, etc.

Q -  Is avoiding martial arts and yoga your central message, or is there another message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

A -  That is my central message.  We cannot serve two masters at the same time.  When we participate in the works of evil, whatever they are, we are attempting to serve two masters simultaneously.  Also, we inadvertently give the enemy of our soul access into our lives, and we allow him to have influence and control over our thoughts and our actions. 

Q -  Is your book audience strictly Christian, or do you feel secular readers would also benefit from it, and if so, how will they benefit?

A -  I’ve written the book from a Christian perspective, but what I do know is that even those who are not Christian can come to know the truth about what they are doing.  I was already involved for ten years before I became a Christian, but shortly after I became a believer the Lord showed me that it was not of Him.

Q - You have already written a number of books, so is it safe to assume there will be a next one?

A - Yes, I have a couple more books in the works right now.  One will be a complete re-write of my first book, Breaking Generational Curses and Pulling Down Stronghold, but under a different title.  The other one will be a thorough exposure of unseen forces that are behind many other activities that Christians, as well as non-Christians, are often exploring or curious about, such as UFO’s, paranormal events, ghosts, spirit guides, exorcism, demonic films, etc.

Q - In what format is your book available, and where can we purchase it?

A -  It was just released in June this year through Sovereign World Ltd (based in the UK).  It is being released worldwide through them:  It is available on either of our websites: or  for $15.99.  (It is also available in most bookstores.)  Now available on Amazon Kindle and iTunes (Apple ibooks) for $9.99.  For retailers or those who want to order in volume, it is being distributed through Bridge-Logos here in the U.S.: