Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kimberly Vargas, Award Winning Author Of ‘Gumbeaux’ To Appear On The Authors Show Radio

In ‘Gumbeaux’, Kimberly Vargas’ award winning adventure novel, readers have an opportunity to immerse themselves in vivid and richly drawn experiences of Louisiana people, culture and traditions

Author Kimberly Vargas will appear on The Authors Show radio version beginning on November 28, 2011 to discuss her award winning adventure novel, ‘Gumbeaux’.

Nearly driven to homicide by an alcoholic caretaker, a sheltered, rebellious young heiress disappears into New Orleans to heal in peace from the death of her parents. In moving from Washington, D.C. to Louisiana, she experiences culture shock and freedom for the first time. The title refers to a Cajun restaurant where she takes a job as a waitress. There she engages in many misadventures with often hilarious results. Years later, she is haunted by the conviction that she may have left part of her soul behind in the deep south, and must face her dark, reckless past in order to win it back.

A Washington, DC psychologist is surprised to discover that her new patient is the wealthy and powerful philanthropist Mary Fait. Mary is the granddaughter of one of the greatest painters of the 20th Century. Despite her position, Mary is troubled by, what she refers to as, "a fracture in her soul". She is haunted by memories of her past and feels she must confront them but is afraid to do so.

“I am excited and honored,” stated Ms. Vargas, “to make an appearance on The Authors Show. The characters of ‘Gumbeaux’ are ready to take on a new group of readers to delight and entertain. I hope readers enjoy the adventures of Mary Veronica Fait and the Louisiana cultural immersion program the book presents.”

In a recent review, Andrea Glass of Writer’s Way stated, “To me, the mark of a successful novel is that I care about the characters, and I did! The protagonist has a problem that she is seeking help for. Her therapist, and the reader, through her diaries, follows her coming of age journey through the men, money, and mysteries of the South. When I finished reading ‘Gumbeaux’, I was ready to book a flight to New Orleans, and I envision seeing ‘Gumbeaux’ on the big screen”

‘Gumbeaux’ was a 2011 Gold Medal literary contest winner awarded by Readers Favorite.

Kimberly Vargas is available for media interviews. She can be reached using the information below or by email at More information is available at her website. ‘Gumbeaux’ is available at her website and at


Kimberly Vargas is the 2011 Readers Favorite fiction contest winner (chick lit category). She is a San Diego resident, an artist and a surfer in training. For over ten years, she wrote instructional design content for Fortune 50 companies such as Capital One and GEICO. This is her first novel. She lives in San Diego with her husband Michael and their three dogs.


Kimberly Vargas