Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music Offers No Cost MP3 Full Album Downloads Of Music To Reduce EMF Stress Caused By SmartMeters (TM)

New audio program is intended to be especially helpful to those who are electro – sensitive and suffer from the negative effects of SmartMeters (TM)

Steven Halpern, the #1 best-selling recording artist, composer and researcher of music to reduce stress and enhance relaxation and well-being, announced today his company will give away thousands of no-cost MP3 downloads of his new full-length album, 'SmartMeter (TM) Stress Reducing Music'. This new recording combines Halpern's clinically proven relaxing music with inaudible affirmations that support the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Why would Halpern give away the album at no cost? "My sleep and mental clarity have been negatively affected since a SmartMeter ™ was installed on my house. I've had a great deal of success using specially-composed music to reduce stress in general, and this new audio program can be a partial solution to the EMF problem. It works for me, and I wanted to help as many other people as possible."

Steven Halpern’s music has a proven track record of over 35 years. Listening to Halpern's music typically results in:

* An immediate reduction in stress.

* Enhanced mental clarity and concentration.

* An experience of relaxation, well-being and inner peace.

Why does Steven Halpern’s stress reduction music work better than other types of music? Halpern discovered how to support the body's own healing energies with music that activates the “Relaxation Response”. These qualities are not present in most classical and entertainment-oriented pop music.

Steven Halpern’s 'SmartMeter (TM) Stress Reducing Music' can be accessed at no charge at

About Steven Halpern and Inner Peace Music:

Steven Halpern is a Billboard-charting composer, recording artist and author whose music and research brings the healing powers of music into alternative/complementary medicine and to the mainstream public. The author of Sound Health (Harper & Row) and hundreds of articles, Halpern is a popular media spokesperson whose multifaceted background gives him a unique perspective on sound healing, stress reduction and well-being. Steven Halpern has produced over 70 albums, and sold over 7 million units worldwide since his first release in 1975.

Halpern pioneered the modern field of sound healing by combining ancient cross-cultural traditions with the leading edge of energy medicine and quantum physics. He has presented his work and research at numerous conferences, including the 6th International Conference on Stress (Montreux, Switzerland) and has appeared on programs with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Dean Ornish.

As a composer, Halpern creates atmospheric soundscapes that are as beautiful as they are effective. As a researcher, Halpern was the first to employ brainwave biofeedback and bioenergy field photography to document the stress-reducing breakthroughs his non-melodic and non-rhythmic compositions created for the listener.

Steven Halpern has been featured on CBS-TV's 48 Hours, and has been covered in The New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Yoga Journal and many other media outlets. His recordings are used in leading health and healing centers, corporate wellness programs, hospitals and homes worldwide.

Samples of Steven Halpern’s music are available at his website.


Diana Ziegler