Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Author C. Robert Cales Chosen As Finalist In '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'

Cales was chosen as the result of a public voting process.  His work, entitled ‘The Bookseller’, is a paranormal thriller that has received rave reviews from readers

C. Robert Cales, author of ‘The Bookseller’, has been chosen as a finalist in the ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ Awards contest. The contest is being sponsored by The Authors Show.

‘The Bookseller’, written in the tradition of Stephen King and Anne Rice, is a paranormal thriller. Unlike many novels in the genre, the book is character driven and offers readers an emotional bond.

“The Authors Show” Cales stated, “has provided me with a tremendous opportunity by publishing a book highlighting ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’. I am honored, thrilled and somewhat humbled to be considered for admission into this exclusive group of gifted writers. It is my great hope that through this book I can introduce myself to the world and share my talent for planting subliminal terror in the hearts of readers.”

In the storyline of ‘The Bookseller’, Carlos Ramirez is the ruthless leader of a South American drug cartel, violent beyond the pale and yet he is but the tip of the iceberg. He hides a dark secret that has plagued humanity from the beginning, a secret that runs red with blood. Carlos is the latest incarnation of an evil nonhuman spirit that the world has known by other names: Cain, Attila the Hun, Caligula, Vlad the Impaler, Blackbeard the Pirate, Jack the Ripper and Adolf Hitler, to name a few. The nonhuman spirit skips from life to life through time while maintaining memories of everything.

His best men have just perfected a method of infusing liquid cocaine into the pages of books and withdrawing it at the destination point. He has located a bookstore in the perfect location for acquisition to complete the first step of his plan. However it soon becomes evident that he picked the wrong bookstore.

The book has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. One reviewer stated, “…so many genres are effectively combined here that it reminded me in some ways of Stephen King's ‘Dark Tower’ series, only much more condensed. This is the type of story I could easily see adapted into a film. I highly recommend ’The Bookseller’”.

C. Robert Cales is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at meccrc7@aol.com. All of his works are available at Amazon and iTunes. Readers are encouraged to vote at http://votewinners2013.questionpro.com/. More information is available at his website at http://www.scarybobproductions.webs.com.


C. Robert Cales was born with a triple dose of imagination. When he was ten he became addicted to horror at the hands of Christopher Lee as Dracula. When he was sixteen his imagination started demanding an outlet and he stepped onto the path to the Writing Craft. Sometime in his twenties he chose Stephen King and Anne Rice as his mentors.

He is the author of ‘Devil Glass’ and ‘The Bookseller’.


C. Robert Cales