Friday, November 29, 2013

How To Create Word Of Mouth For Authors - New Book Marketing Training Segment Released By FPFG

The new segment is the sixth in a series of training segments released at no charge for authors, self-published authors and publishers

In a recent training segment entitled ‘Book Marketing: How To Create Word Of Mouth’, Don McCauley states that word of mouth is one of the most powerful methods of creating new and ongoing sales for authors of books. Creating word of mouth is a challenge for many authors, especially in today’s book marketing model.

“The key to success,” McCauley stated, “lies in the strategy used to create word of mouth and in the implementation of methods to maintain the momentum of a word of mouth marketing campaign.”

In the training segment he clearly demonstrates that word of mouth marketing is a dedicated component of a book marketing strategy. It is not social media marketing, testimonials or reviews. A word of mouth marketing strategy must begin with buyers.

“Social media contacts,” McCauley stated, “are generally not yet buyers. Though we can create conversations around a book or topic, it’s not likely we can create much real word of mouth unless all of our social media contacts are buyers of the book. How can someone possibly recommend a book with any credibility at all if they have not read the book? And while testimonials and reviews could be said to be a form of word of mouth, these are much more indirect, as there is really no incentive in place for these readers or reviewers to ‘spread the word’ to their list of contacts.”

But the primary reason many authors fail in regards to their book marketing efforts McCauley believes lies in the overall book marketing strategy employed.

“The old school, ‘yell, tell and sell’ push marketing approach,” McCauley stated, “usually takes a very long time, a lot of effort and a good deal of luck to create success. Using that strategy the seller ends up chasing buyers, hoping to find those who might want to buy. The days of the interruptive, intrusive, outbound advertising style message are gone.”

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