Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nancy Alvarez, Author Of ‘The Girls And Me’ Is Finalist In '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' Awards

Alvarez was chosen by public vote. Her entry is based on her latest novel, 'The Girls And Me'

Nancy Alvarez, author of ‘Little Nancy: The Journey Home’ and 'The Girls And Me', has been chosen as a finalist in the '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' Awards sponsored by The Authors Show.

"When the Author’s Show named me a finalist last year for my memoir, 'Little Nancy: The Journey Home’, it was a real honor,” Alvarez stated. “To be named a finalist again this year for a novel, 'The Girls And Me', came as a complete and delightful surprise.  I have been a writer of fiction, nonfiction and screenplays for over thirty years; the life of an artist is never an easy one.  The Authors Show gives much needed support for that journey.  I urge you to go to the Authors Show site and vote for my inclusion in the 2014 edition of their book, 'Fifty Great Writers You Should Be Reading.'"

‘Little Nancy: the Journey Home’ is one woman's journey back into the childhood she thought she had left far behind, to find the delighted child she had once been because she feared she had lost her forever. Not only did she find that little girl, she was able to integrate her spirit into the life of the adult woman she had become. To help other women begin the same journey, the author has included a fourteen-page workbook with questions, chapter by chapter, so that other women might walk a similar path.

In 'The Girls And Me', Rebecca's eldest daughter Naomi has been helping the rural poor in 'Nicador' for months when Rebecca receives a phone call informing her that her daughter has been jailed. The mother and and her younger daughter, Sadie, fly south two days later to get Naomi out of this foreign prison, only to discover that the issue of her release is 'if', not 'when'. All three must find a way to cope, and to have a life in the midst of this painful new reality. Like the Julia Alvarez novel, 'In The Time of the Butterflies', it is the strength of the relationships between these women that will get them through the circumstances they find themselves in, each in her own way, and each with the succor and love they have for one another.

Both books have received high praise from reviewers. A recent 5 star review for 'The Girls And Me' on Amazon stated, "I love this book! I could not put it down! It gives a birds eye view into the relationship dynamics between a divorced couple with children, father and daughter, mother and daughter, and siblings. At the same time it allows the reader to maintain a complex and deep relationship with individual characters. I really enjoyed this story and would recommend reading it." Another review for 'Little Nancy' stated "Nancy Alverez takes aim and hits the nail right on the head. Time after time in her fine book, I recognized myself, thoughts I had had, problems I had confronted. She clearly defines the influences and times she grew up in, and how they affected her life as a woman, i.e., the kinds of choices she made because she thought she had to. It is an enlightening and moving read."

Nancy Alvarez is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at info@nancyalvarezwrites.com. Both books are available in paperback and for the Kindle at her website, and at Amazon.com. The public can vote at The Authors Show website at http://www.TheAuthorsShow.com. More information on Nancy Alvarez and her work is available on her website at www.NancyAlvarezWrites.com.

About Nancy Alvarez:

Nancy Alvarez began writing at Sarah Lawrence College. After graduate school in Russian History she was hired by the Follett Publishing Company to write a book about alternative high schools. Nancy wrote articles for the New York Times Magazine and Cosmopolitan. After moving to Los Angeles, she was hired to write episodes of  ‘The Waltons’ and ‘Movin’ On’ as well as several television movies, including “Sharon: Portrait of a Mistress”. Her first novel, ‘Ladycat’ was published by Crown in 1980 and purchased by Universal Studios to be made into a movie. She started teaching screen writing at UCLA in 1988, going on to teach in the Masters of Professional Writing Program at USC as well. After moving to Seattle she taught at Bellevue Community College, North Seattle Community College, and Seattle Central Community College. For more than five years she and videographer Dana Scheurholz facilitated video workshops for adjudicated youth in Jefferson and Clallam Counties, as well as for the Port Townsend Film Festival. She continues to teach private screen writing classes in Port Townsend, Washington. She is currently working on a multi-generational novel set in Austria, Poland, New York and New Jersey.


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