Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Elaine Pereira, Author Of Award Winning Dementia Memoir 'I Will Never Forget', To Make Special Donation To Fund Alzheimer’s Research

Elaine Pereira's book, 'I Will Never Forget', a multi-award winning Dementia memoir, is the one book on Alzheimer's that no one else could write. Her book achieved top Amazon rankings.  Honoring Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Day this June 21st, Pereira will donate 40%

Elaine Pereira has written the one book on Dementia that no one else could write. She is a daughter who has lived the Dementia drama, an Occupational Therapist who understands the neurology and an unwavering caregiver. Pereira’s exclusive perspective has enabled her to produce a one-of-a-kind book about Dementia that encompasses several uniquely special approaches.

A recent article by Julie Delcour on the Tulsa World website, entitled "Battle For Adequate Alzheimer's Funding Rages On", brought out the fact Alzheimer's "is the only disease in the top 10 that currently has no cure, treatment or means of prevention."

Dr. Dennis Gillings agrees: “Dementia is a ticking time bomb, and with the global cost of dementia care expected to reach over $1 trillion, we cannot afford to nothing.”

“This is not an acceptable situation,” warns Vradenburg. “Something fundamental has to change. We need a concerted effort to change the trajectory of this disease and to mobilize a global assault on Alzheimer’s and dementia on the scale and scope that global institutions attacked polio in the 1950s and HIV/AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s.”

“It’s appalling,” Pereira stated, “that as funding for other diseases and conditions increases, research dollars for Alzheimer’s continues to stall.  No one is minimizing the adverse affects that a diagnosis of cancer, stroke or a heart attack has on an individual and their families.  But advancements in medical treatment for these issues abound allowing many patients to have full recoveries.

Not so with Alzheimer’s.  It is a fatal, neurological disease from which no one recovers. 

People with Alzheimer’s can linger for decades as they steadily lose their life skills, memory and thinking abilities.  As they drift back into the past and need increasingly more assistance and supervision, Alzheimer’s creates financial devastation on families to meet the increasing demand for long-term caregiver assistance.

Clearly we need ginormous increases in federal and private funding and fast. In the meantime, however, every donation helps, no matter how small."

"My mother’s journey through dementia was difficult, bewildering but also touching as those who have walked in my shoes understand so well," Pereira concluded.  "Alzheimer’s is a horrific disease that robs us of our loved ones and 'I Will Never Forget' is a tribute to caregivers everywhere.”

‘I Will Never Forget - A Daughter's Story of Her Mother's Arduous And Humorous Journey Through Dementia’ has received numerous, high-level industry awards. These include:

2013 Winner National Indie Excellence Award, Aging Category

2013 Bronze Winner Global EBook Awards, Aging Category
2013 Honorable Mention Reader's Favorite, Memoirs
2013 Finalist LuckyCinda Publishing Book Contest
2012 Finalist Best New Non-Fiction USA Book Awards & Hollywood Book Festival

Pereira will double her usual donation from 20% to 40% to Alzheimer’s from books sold specifically on June 21st.

Elaine Pereira is available for speaking engagements and media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at ‘I Will Never Forget - A Daughter's Story of Her Mother's Arduous And Humorous Journey Through Dementia’ is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book retailers. More information is available at Pereira’s website at

About Elaine Pereira:

Elaine C. Pereira is a retired school occupational therapist who worked with special needs children. She earned her bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from Wayne State University and later completed her master’s degree. Pereira and her husband Joseph live in southeastern Michigan.


Elaine C. Pereira, MA  OTR/L CDP CDC
Author. Speaker. Certified Dementia Practitioner & Caregiver