Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Author Lowell Harrison Young Appears On The Authors Show To Discuss "Biodesign Out For A Walk"

Young's book relates how a group of disconnected souls connected and discovered the real meaning of life in a high school class called Biodesign

Author Lowell Harrison Young appeared on The Author Show recently to discuss his latest release, 'Biodesign Out For A Walk'.

A biology class does not normally serve to provide the meaning of life. But in the case of Lowell Harrison Young's students, an advanced biology class provided the framework to discover the meaning of life.

Today's typical high school students are bored. They are disinterested and forced to memorize rote facts that often have no relevance or meaning to their own lives. Technology has forced them to disconnect from Nature and from each other. However, in Young's Biodesign class, students transcended all of that and went from dissecting fetal pigs to wilderness revelations. They escaped from four drab walls and entered a wilderness classroom under the stars. They went from boredom to mysteries, from profane hallway chatter to discussing the wisdom of Nature's designs. They went from memorization of minutiae to probing the illimitable freedom of their minds. And finally, they connected with Nature, and with each other, to discover the real meaning of life.

"I wrote Biodesign Out For A Walk in hopes that it will resuscitate readers’s waning sense of wonder, mystery and love of life," Young stated. "The work is a collection of stories of curious high school biology students who embarked on what Joseph Campbell described as 'the soul’s high adventure.'  It is a thrilling example of what young minds can do when they are challenged to transcend to higher levels of consciousness, compassion and connectedness."

'Biodesign Out For A Walk has received rave reviews and has garnered 16 5-star reviews on Amazon. The book is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. One reviewer stated, "What Lowell Young has crafted in these pages--and more than that, the experience he created with students for 24 years--is an essential exploration for any reader with an equal passion for tales of authentic education and the natural world. If you find yourself moved to tears, laughter and deeper questions (sometimes in the same chapter) then you'll have joined the caravan of over 700 of his Biodesign students. No doubt he's a fitting heir to the work of Muir, Thoreau, Eiseley, and Darwin, and deserves a comfortable place in that good company."

Lowell Harrison Young is available for media interviews and can be reach using the information below or by email at young.lowell@gmail.com.

'Biodesign Out For A Walk' is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. More information is available at Young's website at http://www.BiodesignOutForAWalk.com.

About Lowell Harrison Young:

Lowell Young and his wife, Christie, have lived in California’s Napa Valley for over 40 years.  Mr. Young taught high school biology for nearly 38 years before he retired.  He holds a Masters’ Degree in the art of teaching biology.

The class that evolved into Biodesign was a collaborative, creative project where the roles of teacher and student were often reversed.  It was well known by the students that although Mr. Young represented the physical nature of the class, Christie’s silent spiritual guidance was often felt in their classroom circles as well as along the many miles of trails they walked.  The Biodesign class may be the only one of its kind taught in a public high school in the country.


Lowell Harrison Young