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The Link Between Depression And Anger - Award Winning Author Terezia Farkas Explains The Connection

Studies show that young people are especially prone to a vicious cycle of depression and anger that can result in rage. This can have devastating, lifelong effects that can and does destroy lives, careers and families

Depression is debilitating and can have lasting effects. A recent study by the University of Alberta, published in The University Herald, found that depression and anger in youth can adversely affect marriages and careers later in life. We need but look at today's headlines to become aware of the seemingly inexplicable instances of unfocused rage and senseless violence that is inflicted upon innocent victims worldwide. Are depression and anger linked? In a recent Huffington post article, Terezia Farkas, award-winning author of "Heart Of Love Evolution" made a strong case for the fact that depression and anger go hand in hand. She knows, as she is one of those who suffered through both and came out the other side healed and whole.

“Anger is a big part of depression. I know because I’ve been through it. We see someone who is angry and moody and think, ‘Irrational. Emotional. What’s going on?” We don’t consider that the person might be depressed because all we are confronted by is anger.

Anger is a reaction to pain. It’s also a reaction to a hopeless or frustrating situation. Anger is insidious, cycling rage and defeat. You don’t believe you’re irrational. You believe that no one understands you. Your world becomes a plastic remnant of what it used to be, bouncing back all pain. It hurts you to look at people who have no idea or understanding of how you feel. You can’t remember when someone tried to help you or spoke kindly when you felt hurt or alone. You give up hope that anyone will or can help you.

Rage is a denial of any thought that speaks of future possibilities for you. You feel like you can’t go on to your future because you’ve lost control of yourself, of your life and of
everything. Something has to happen or change now because there’s no more time to wait. So you lash out at family and friends for not believing as you do.

You can’t escape or get out of the way of rage. It’s a fire rampaging through your soul,
burning you up. It consumes and haunts you. It severs your connection to family and friends. It eats away at your heart which held love, joy and hope.

You are left with the furious beating of the heart, of the mind, and of the soul against which it sees as an invisible barrier between itself and others. People are frightened, confused and even angry at you. They don’t know how to cope with someone who is so angry. Their lives are busy and they don’t have time to figure you out. Most of them abandon you and you judge this as a further injustice to you. The more isolated you become, the more rage victimizes you. You start thinking that you don’t like those people, that you hate them, and so you don’t need them. They don’t love you. You are alone. You isolate yourself until very few people actually want to be around you.

Depressed and angry is different than just being angry. I understand that now. Anger is the last emotional foothold you have before slipping into suicidal thoughts. Anger is the first emotion you’ll experience crawling out of your hell. The need to identify, understand and treat anger as part of depression is important in healing the person.”

In ‘Heart Of Love Evolution’, Terezia Farkas presents a powerful and compelling story that offers hope to those who suffer from depression. Growing up with an emotionally abusive alcoholic father, and a mother dying from cancer, Terezia stepped into the role of caregiver and homemaker at an early age. When her mother died, Terezia went from grief to depression and attempted suicides. Terezia's deepening despair made her not only question the meaning of her life, but also contemplate other elements that contributed to her state of depression.

Terezia was strong enough to survive her dark nights of the soul. She turned her life around by looking for the light within her experiences and through loving herself. She eventually found her soul path that at the end led her to a higher level of being and self-love. Terezia's message of hope and self-love shows that those who suffer from depression can go past the pain and hopelessness and can end up recovering from depression.

Tom Shand, Executive Director of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division recently stated, "In 'Heart of Love Evolution – Surviving Depression', Ms. Farkas shares her journey of recovery from deadly depths of depression, guided by newfound hope and spirituality. It is well written and the expression of her experiences with depression will resonate well with people, as will the emphasis on self love and hope. I commend her for her desire to help others through this book, including donating a portion of proceeds from its sale to the Canadian Mental Health Association. The spiritual beliefs are those of the author and may or may not align with those of the readers or other theories."

Terezia Farkas is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at  'Heart Of Love Evolution - Surviving Depression' is available at Amazon, FriesenPress, Chapters/Indigo and Coles.  More information is available at her website at

About Terezia Farkas:

Terezia Farkas earned her two degrees, B.Sc. Psychology Specialization and B.Ed. at the University of Alberta, Canada. Her poetry and writings have been published in books, Canadian magazines, and newspapers. She is a Bestselling Author with Heart of Love Evolution, a memoir dealing with depression and how to recover from depression and suicidal thoughts.


Terezia Farkas