Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fantasy Fiction Author Laura Hughes Releases New Adventure Book For Teens, 7th Book In 'The Sara Chronicles' Series

Laura Hughes produces engaging works of fantasy fiction set against a backdrop of magical worlds and richly drawn characters that teach young people to develop determination and the ability to overcome challenges

Fantasy fiction author Laura Hughes has released the 7th book in 'The Sara Chronicles' series, ' Sara Chronicles Book Seven - Stories New, Stories Old - Things Re-written and Things Foretold'.

In the tradition of 'Lord Of The Rings' and 'Harry Potter', Laura Hughes builds entire worlds peopled with heroic role models that young readers find irresistible. Hughes' characters are richly drawn and teach young people important life skills and are filled with magic, monsters, legends and high adventures.

"As an author I am excited to share my imagination with others," Hughes stated. "There are worlds and characters in my mind that just have to come out and see the light of day and express themselves to reader. I want to take readers to magical lands and have them cheer these young heroes through all their successes and worry about their safety through all their failures, for in them, is a little bit of all of us. Circumstances may differ somewhat in each person’s life, but there are things that we face on a daily basis that challenge us to persevere and overcome. We are all heroes in our own story."

In the storyline of Book 7, there have always been two versions of the fate of the worlds- one is written in a light volume authored by Iam creator of all that is good and the other in a dark book authored by Braccus - the embodiment of all evil. The endings of both books are fluid and ever-changing, the outcome being uncertain - and in this last great battle of both entities - it is winner take all.

Sara, Thomas and James are dead - stuck in the afterworld fighting Braccus’s evil thoughts and lost souls while trying to find their way back to their, currently un-occupied bodies somewhere far below them. With only the idea that it might be possible to live again, they race toward a sweet, loving voice guiding them down to an uncertain future with the promise of renewal and a chance to be useful to the embattled worlds again. That voice belongs to Marlaina- the Keeper whose voice can call souls back to their bodies and restore life. She is but one of the brave Keepers who dwell in the seven worlds, fighting daily to stay alive and protect the helpless survivors of a planet whose surface has been destroyed. Though the refugees have existed underground for four long years, made comfortable by the gifts of The Keepers, Braccus has been busy re-writing their fate. In order to protect the hidden members of humanity- The Keepers have to return to the surface and engage in battle in places that only exist in nightmares. With no guarantee they will succeed in their mission, they fight on to reclaim Iam’s worlds and protect the humans he loves so dearly. Sara’s return is their last great hope- but the dead, like the living, having chosen sides and will fight just as fiercely to conquer their foes.

Other books in 'The Sara Chronicles' include "The Sara Chronicles The Beginning', 'Evolution Of Us - Book 2', 'The Return - Book 3', 'Chaos, Confusion and Changing Of The Guard - Book 4', 'The Great Unknown and All That Lies Beneath It - Book 5', and 'Into Darkness We Go - Up Above And Down Below - Book 6'. Complete information on all of her adventure books for teens is available at her website.

Hughes' works have received rave reviews from readers. One stated, "A grand reading adventure for young and old alike . . .' Another said, "This book was impossible to put down . . ."

Laura Hughes is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at hugheslaurae@yahoo.com. All of her books are available at Amazon. More information, including a sample download is available at her website at http://www.adventurebookforteens.com.

About Laura Hughes:

Laura Hughes is an enthusiastic teller of tales. Most of her time is spent thinking of new stories to tell. She has produced the entire series of 'The Sara Chronicles' books in just over 5 years.


Laura Hughes