Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How To Age At Home - Careful Planning Is Key Says Cynthia Martindale, Author Of 'Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care'

Martindale's latest book is the ultimate guide to caregiving. It helps caregivers chart a clear path through caregiving challenges, options, and eventual heartbreak

A recent article by Maryalene LaPonsie on the US News & World Report site, entitled "Want to Spend Your Senior Years at Home? Here's How to Do It", made the point that moving to a retirement home is not mandatory. The article presented a number of key concepts including creating a safe environment, assessing the need for services and the need to remain active and engaged.

Cynthia Neher Martindale, author of 'Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care', adds that technology driven in-home services can help seniors make that goal a reality, in ways that have not been possible before.

"Almost 90 percent of people over the age of 60 say they want to 'age in place' in their current home, and nearly 86% of those 70 years or older feel they’ll be able to accomplish living at home with no major modifications," Martindale stated. "If this is your plan, there's good news. Two giants in technology driven on-demand in-home services, Amazon and Uber, recently announced increased service options. Need help around the house? Take a look at Amazon Home Services (900 professional services in 26 U.S. cities) for vetted and insured help with everything from house cleaning or yard and outdoor projects, to electrical, plumbing, heating or air conditioning maintenance. Or maybe you need help with transportation? Take a look at Uber’s recently announced plans to expand UberACCESS and UberASSIST. Specially trained drivers help riders with accessibility needs by either utilizing ramps for wheelchair customers (ACCESS) or accommodating folding wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters (ASSIST)."

Martindale is a veteran of all things senior-related. In 'Graceful Last Chapters', she shares her twenty years of experience with senior care in a voice filled with compassion, understanding, and an insider's point of view. As the primary caregiver for her parents in their declining years, as a sales and marketing director for senior living communities, and as a lawyer, Ms. Martindale brings readers a valuable resource about caring for aging loved ones. The book is filled with support and guidance for caregivers, clearly defined options for care, and the ways and means for readers to craft their own successful journey through caregiving challenges and heartbreak. Ms. Martindale offers readers fundamental knowledge, hope, a sense of identity and, ultimately, a path toward peace of mind.

Martindale combines her education, business expertise, and personal experiences to bring readers a valuable resource about caring for aging loved ones. The book's twenty-seven chapters are grouped into seven sections: (One) Considering Long-Term Care Options; (Two) Caregiving Challenges; (Three) Creating a Plan; (Four) Aging in Place With Additional Care; (Five) Senior Living Communities; (Six) Touring Senior Communities; and (Seven) After the Bloom Fades. The chapters build gradually to mimic the progression of the journey caregivers take with their senior loved one, whether that individual is their mother, father, aunt, uncle, sibling, spouse, friend, or neighbor.

'Graceful Last Chapters' has achieved a perfect 5 star rating on Amazon. One reviewer stated, "It is rare to encounter such an obviously experienced counselor in the field of Senior Care as Cynthia who demonstrates on every page of this impressive and ultimately authoritarian guide such tenderness, calm and candor." Another said, "This book captures not only the practical information on choices for seniors but it deals with the tougher emotional side of caring for loved ones as they age."

"We can only make informed choices if we have enough of the right information to make those choices," Martindale concluded. "People new to caregiving are overwhelmed with options. There are too many choices, all of them difficult. People new to caregiving need help, not sales pitches. They need information, not hearsay. 'Graceful Last Chapters' provides rock-solid advice and information that can help seniors age at home - gracefully."

Cynthia Martindale is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care' is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. More information is available at

About Cynthia Neher Martindale:

Cynthia Neher Martindale holds degrees from Hillsdale College (B.A. in English), Northern Illinois University (M.A. in English), and Valparaiso University School of Law (J.D.). Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care is the result of her years as both a sales and marketing director for senior living communities and as the primary caregiver for her parents. She  lives in Flossmoor, Illinois, with her husband and son.


Cynthia Neher Martindale