Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Terrorism, Illegal Immigration, Murder And English Detectives - New Crime Thriller, 'The Dance Of Dimitrios', Released By Award Winning Author Patrick Brigham

Brigham is the author of a number of mystery books and crime thrillers that address political and Cold War issues. In his latest work he brings terrorism, illegal immigration and murder together in a gripping tale built upon real world events

Award winning author Patrick Brigham has announced the release of his latest crime thriller, 'The Dance Of Dimitrios'.

'The Dance of Dimitrios' is a riveting mystery novel that mixes some of the horrors of illegal immigration with everyday events. DCI Lambert, who works for Europol - the European equivalent of the FBI - is sent to Greece in order to solve a cold case. Detective Chief Inspector Mike Lambert knows about people trafficking and the problems it causes governments throughout the world. Greece is the gateway into Europe for countless Middle-Eastern migrants, political refugees and terrorists. The story involves the discovery of a woman's body found floating in the River Ardas in Northern Greece. Believed to be of Middle-Eastern origin, she is buried in a communal grave along with other Islamic victims of drowning and promptly forgotten. When it is later revealed that she is actually an Englishwoman called Marjory Braithwaite - who has been living for some years in Greece - the British government turns to Europol for help. Realizing that this probably means murder, DCI Lambert is dispatched to Greece.

"Much of what we see in the daily media is sad and often brutal," Brigham stated. "The problem is that we are all gradually becoming immune to violence; particularly when it comes to illegal immigration, and so we tend to switch off. But, behind these headlines, there are often incredible stories to be told.  Hidden away amongst the daily aggression, human degradation and greed, there exist tales which are both inspirational and revealing, involving brave and dedicated people, just like you and me. In my new crime thriller such people exist in the guise of Detective Chief Inspector Mike Lambert – an English Europol detective - and his Greek assistant, Detective Sergeant Electra Boulos. In this, my newest crime novel, the reader - can not only experience police’ determination to exact justice - but they will also become all too well aware, of the latent fear and danger which exists, when surrounded by such violence, murder and mystery."

There are few good books on the subject of international crime, especially mystery stories which delve into the shady side of politics. There are also few mystery novelists who are prepared to address the thorny political issues of arms dealing and money laundering and people trafficking in their mystery crime fiction. Patrick Brigham does not just write about these situations. He has lived them. He was the Editor in Chief of The Sofia Western News, the first English Language news magazine in Bulgaria between 1995 and 2000.

As a journalist he witnessed the changes in this once hard core communist country and personally knew most of the political players, including the old Communist Dictator Todor Zhivkov and his successors Zhelev and Stoyanov. However these days, as an author, he concentrates on writing good mystery books often revealing diplomatic and political intrigue.

Readers have praised his novels. One stated, "I am an ex cop - he must of done a lot of research to get so many things right. I felt when reading 'Abduction' that Patrick was relating an investigation, he actually carried out." Another said, "'Abduction - An Angel Over Rimini' is an entertaining, gripping, and also an astonishing Europol procedural read, making you want to read more. I was drawn into the story right away. I felt close to Michael Lambert and his way of analysing and detecting. All relevant characters became pretty real. 'Abduction - An Angel Over Rimini' is a good read for mystery fans, readers who like surprises, and apparent coincidences."

Patrick Brigham is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at patrick.brigham@gmail.com. Books are available at Amazon, Amazon.UK, Smashwords and at his website. More information is available at Patrick Brigham's website at http://www.patrickbrigham.co.uk.

About Patrick Brigham:

Patrick has been a writer and journalist for many years. He has published many short stories, newspaper and magazine articles. Born in the English Home Counties, he attended Public School and College before moving to London and embarking on his career. Having spent the last twenty years in South Eastern Europe, many of his stories are set in this part of the world as well as in Oxford, Hampshire and Berkshire. As the Editor in Chief of the first English Language news magazine in Sofia Bulgaria, between 1995 and 2000 - and as a journalist - he witnessed the changes in this once hard core Communist Country and personally knew most of the political players, including the old Dictator Todor Zhivkov and his successors Zhelev and Stoyanov.


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