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The Question Of Life After Death - Brian McLaughlin, Author Of 'A Flight Without Wings' Provides A Look At The Other Side

McLaughlin's book about NDE's details his totally unique near death experience. It is raw and it's real. There is no embellishment, no theology and no hidden agenda

Where did we come from? What happens when we die? These two questions have been contemplated by nearly every human born since the very beginning of the human species. Questions about our origins however do not hold the same urgency as those about where we may be going next. The desire to know and understand what happens after we die is the Great Unanswered Question. While formalized systems such as religion and philosophy offer us conjecture and opinions, in the end they are just that. What we seek instead is a clear cut answer - proof.

Near death experiences seem to offer the possibility of real proof. Crystal McVea, author of 'Waking Up In Heaven' claims she was sent back to Earth by God. Don Piper, author of '90 Minutes In Heaven' came back to life after being declared dead when a clergy member prayed over him. Billie Eadie, author of 'Embraced By The Light', returned after meeting Jesus. Dr. Mary Neal, author of 'To Heaven And Back', met Jesus and was given a premonition about the death of her son before returning. There are many more. Are these stories proof of life after death? For many skeptics, the answer is no. The underlying religious tone of many of these stories can be a real turnoff for non-believers.

Brian A. McLaughlin, author of 'A Flight Without Wings' gives us another perspective on the near death experience. His story is utterly unique. McLaughlin's book about NDE's details his amazing near death experience in a way that is raw and real. There is no embellishment, no theology and no hidden agenda.

McLaughlin died during a trip to Mexico and experienced his own NDE.  That event changed the course of his life forever.  It instilled in him what we all seek - certainty about life after death. And with that a peace of mind that can never be shaken, nor can it be doubted. His near death experience brought a sense of clarity. It brought a sense of real, lasting peace. He now knows with certainty that we exist forever.

brian_mclaughlin_cover“Am I that different from you ?  Hardly. I’m just an average guy who is looking to share my unusual, life changing experience with you. I struggled when considering writing a book about NDEs as a way to get the word out. Should I tell a story that satisfies most conceptions of Heaven, and create something easy to read and be entertaining ?  Lots to consider.

I finally realized that I had to be true to the experience, and simply tell it like it was. In fact, most of my own pre-conceptions of Heaven were absent.  Did that disappoint me ?  No.  I spent most of my education in parochial schools up to and including some college.  Suffice it to say I had plenty of thoughts about what to expect in a visit to Heaven. Still not disappointed.  Faced with being surrounded and overwhelmed by the purest version of love and peace that I could even attempt to describe… why would I be disappointed ?  That was profound, that was  peace.  I certainly don’t feel as though I missed out on anything…  I got it,  it was sufficient,  I wouldn’t trade the experience in to get my eye back, or remove the scars and  go back to what/whom I was before the accident.

I think it’s better to just go with what I know. Although other books may describe a different vision, I could only speak with authority about MY experience albeit different from others. I was gifted great things to return with. New and powerful tools to use in my Earthly life. The absence of fear, both of death and for many issues I face, changes my perspective on so many things.  The understanding and clarity in putting simple and basic concepts to use in relationships has obvious benefit.

So… Maybe now you can see why I actually feel lucky to have been given this experience, even without the wings or halos, or even meeting Jesus, I walked away with so very much.”

Brian McLaughlin was chosen as one of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' in 2015. Reviews of 'A Flight Without Wings' have been overwhelmingly positive. One stated, "Being a mother who lost her only child I found it to be a great comfort to me." Another said, "I have read many accounts such as these, but this beautifully written account simply touched my heart in ways that previous ones have not."

Mark Feuerstein, Actor (Royal Pains, USA Network) wrote: “I have read it and I think it’s an inspiring tale of deep insight and so personal and yet so universal . . . such profound perspective.”

Brian McLaughlin is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'A Flight Without Wings' is available at Amazon, Payhip and other book retailers. More information is available on his website at:

About Brian McLaughlin:

Brian McLaughlin is the award-winning author of 'A Flight Without Wings'. In his inspirational book, Brian vividly depicts his journey into Heaven and his following return to life caused by a massive head trauma sustained while vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico twenty-one years ago.


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