Saturday, July 18, 2009

Emmanuel Opiah’s New Book Details How Barack Obama’s Rise To Presidency Brings New Hope To The Whole World

Author Emmanuel Opiah’s new release offers hope to the warring factions that issues could be resolved peacefully. His spiritual message is extremely important not only for African Americans, but also those who wish to bring peace, tolerance and equality to the world.

Author Emmanuel Opiah believes that Barack Obama is being led by God to bring new hope to the world. His new release, How Barack Obama’s Rise To Presidency Brings New Hope To The Whole World offers hope to the warring factions that matters could be resolved peacefully.

"I wrote this book because a lot of stories were told during the electioneering campaign about President Barack Obama's religious belief. This book aims to set the records straight as it reveals what President Barack Obama stands for. The book highlights to the world, in particular those at war, that money spent on weapons is wasted because it has not been utilized to feed the hungry or improve infrastructure."

In this book, the author takes us through Barack Obama’s race to the White House. His message “Yes we can” was also taken to the whole world which aims to inspire and encourage a new generation, in particular African Americans, to believe in themselves and in each other. The author reveals how God demonstrated His power at different stages of the race while pointing out to us that, “He would take Barack Obama’s right hand and say to him ‘fear not I will help you.’” He enunciates how the Almighty God warned that America and the world should be still and know that He is God and that He created all men equal. Barack Obama’s religious standing, as portrayed by the author, shows his deep rooted adherence to Jesus’ teachings, “bless those who curse you, pray for those who spitefully use you and be your brothers’ keeper.”

“This book will help the African Americans come to terms with the fact that God created all men equal and that what one person can achieve the other can achieve, perhaps even better if he puts in a little effort. This book will inspire and encourage the reader to believe that the power to do this lies within each person.”

The book is available at the author’s website at, at,, and at many other online bookstores. The author is available for interview and can be reached using the information below.

Emmanuel Opiah
How Barack Obama’s Rise To Presidency Brings New Hope To The Whole World
ISBN 978-1439230343

Emmanuel Opiah received his calling in 1989. He has written four books titled: The Sabbath, The Concept of God From The Time Of Abraham To Present Day, Jesus: The Word of God and The Christ and How Barack Obama's Rise To Presidency Brings New Hope To The Whole World.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and Masters in Religious Studies. He is currently preparing two other titles for publication. He has also written short stories for his own magazine The Light of The World.

His first book, The Sabbath, was as a result of his inquisitive mind during his childhood days. He had re-written and up-dated this book and it is in the process of being re-published. Since his first book Emmanuel has penned nearly six books and many short stories. He resides in the United Kingdom.

Emmanuel Opiah
Phone: 44 77966 76033