Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mary Lore, Author of Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? To Appear On Mind Your Bizness Radio

CEO of Managing Thought LLC details how learning to manage thought can lead to stellar success at both the business and personal level

Mary Lore, founder and CEO of Managing Thought LLC, and author of Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? is appearing on Mind Your BIZness Radio through November 16, 2009.

As human beings, we collectively and individually seek to improve our lives. For some, this takes the form of stellar success in business, goal achievement or personal development. Others seek to increase motivation, achieve personal happiness, develop a sense of purpose or perhaps simply to improve the ability to achieve goals and dreams. All of these, at their very core, revolve around a single issue – our thought patterns. If we can simply control our thoughts, we can change our experience of the world. Though many of us understand this and agree, most of us simply cannot accomplish it. This is where Mary Lore’s new book, Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? can be of real value.

“As individuals and organizations,” stated Ms. Lore, “we learn that to achieve success, we must have a great attitude, think positively, establish a vision, set goals, stay focused, develop great relationships, be creative, be passionate and innovate. That's what we want. And we also want to be happy, balanced, at peace, true to ourselves and make a difference. How do we get there? In every case we get there through managing our thoughts.”

While many books touch upon these subjects, Managing Thought is a down-to-earth, practical guide to learning to harness the power of thought. The book provides a step-by-step process to help readers become aware of their thoughts, discover what they truly want at work and in life and to turn one’s desires into reality at both the individual and the collective level.

Managing Thought is also the name of Ms Lore’s company. The company offers a variety of products and services that help individuals and organizations develop new ways of thinking to discover and achieve what is truly significant and valuable—in work and in life. Through the Managing Thought® process, individuals and organizations change their way of life and the way they conduct business to achieve happiness and significant results. The organization offers books, audio, workshops, coaching services, free worksheets and assessment tools, e-columns and many other products and services.

“Most of what we have been taught about achieving success in our lives and our organizations,“ stated Ms Lore, “involves changing our behavior and performance. Extraordinary performance also involves our focus and mindset, our passion and purpose. How can we change those? Again, it all comes down to managing our thoughts.”

Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? has been awarded six prestigious best book awards. Lore was recently awarded two 2009 Nautilus Medals and joined the ranks of previous winners, including Deepak Chopra, M.D., Thich Nnat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Andrew Weil, M.D. The hardcopy was recognized for Conscious Business and Leadership and the audio book for Audio Books to Enlighten and Inspire. The book was also named winner of the 2008 National Best Book Award, sponsored by USA Book News, in the “Business: Motivational” category. The audio version of the book is honored as one of the top five audio books in the “Self-Help/Motivational" category. In addition, the book received the Bronze Medal in the “Communication Skills” category at the Axiom Business Book Awards, sponsored by Jenkins Group, Inc., and was honored as the best book in the Small Press category for the 2009 Eric Hoffer Award, which recognizes books of exemplary merit.

Published by Ferne Press, Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? hardcover, Kindle, and audio book are available through online retailers including Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble and through the Managing Thought website. A digital version of the audio book with bonus material is also available at the Managing Thought website.

More information regarding Managing Thought products and services can be found at the company’s website.

Ms. Lore is available for interview and for keynote speaking engagements workshops, and individual and group coaching. She can be contacted at the address below.

Mary J. Lore is the founder and CEO of Managing Thought, LLC, which helps individuals and organizations develop self-awareness and change how they think and conduct business to attain long-lasting success. She is an internationally recognized leader, public speaker and executive mentor, and author of the award-winning book and audio Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World?®. The book is a guide understanding how our thoughts create our reality and serves as a guide to creating happiness and ongoing success in all areas of life. The book provides tools to help those interested development, personal development, motivation, happiness, purpose, beliefs and goal setting.

Mary has devoted thirty years to serving as a CPA, senior executive, entrepreneur, and mentor to corporate leaders. She has successfully assisted others, in North America and Europe through her corporate and public workshops, and thousands of hours working with CEOs, managers, employees, teachers, parents, and teens. Since 2002, Mary has served as a chair for TEC, also known as Vistage, the world’s pre-eminent organization for the personal and professional development of CEOs.

In addition to appearance on the Mind Your BIZness show, Mary has appeared on the Good Day Show on Fox TV 35 in Orlando, FL, Michigan Entrepreneur TV, NBC Affiliate WTMJ, Amazing Women: Brains, Beauty and Success Internet Radio Show, The Voice America Network, Vistage International and WYCD/WWJ.950 radio

Mary Lore
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