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Lois W. Stern, Author Of Tick, Tock, Stop The Clock, Featured On The Authors Show Radio

Nationally known author and expert on both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic enhancement techniques details how you can get pretty on your lunch hour - without the knife.

Nationally known author and expert on aesthetic enhancements, Lois W. Stern, will appear on Authors Show Radio through January 6, 2010.

In this interview Lois provides advice taken from her book, Tick Tock, Stop the Clock – Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour, to help women venture along their individual paths to beauty. The book features chapters by 11 highly renowned experts on topics ranging from the newest in lasers, fillers and dermal devices to optimum skin care products to meet specific facial landscape needs, details on the arsenal of techniques used by skilled cosmetic dentists, solutions for thinning hair, make-up illusions, body sculpting techniques and more. This book is designed to help every woman seeking sound advice on appearance related topics become an educated consumer so that she can make good decisions for herself.

"In this time of economic downturn, I think it is important for people to understand that you don’t necessarily need to go under the knife to achieve many of your beauty goals,” stated Ms. Stern. “Not everyone has the budget for big time appearance related expenditures. One of the key strengths of Tick Tock, Stop the Clock – Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour is that many chapters address the issue of spending wisely, withhonest, reliable advice on cost saving strategies to get the job done.”

Tick Tock, Stop the Clock is filled with accurate information written in a clear, easy-to-read format, complete with helpful charts and before/after photos of actual patients/clients. The goal is to present the best-of-the-best – professionals and outstanding practitioners dedicated to bringing readers an honest approach to their individual areas of expertise.

Stern explained that she came to the realization that there was a need for a book with this type content while doing presentations for her earlier book, Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery.

“Each time I did a presentation, invariably at least one member of the audience would ask me questions about some of the less invasive paths to beauty. I wanted to help, but truly didn’t feel qualified. That’s when I got the idea to recruit respected professionals from a variety of disciplines to help with this project. I am so proud of each and every one of them. They certainly put their hearts and minds into their chapters and delivered beautifully.”

Lois has two websites with more information about her books – each with a URL similar to one of her book titles: and In addition, she and her colleague, Patty Kovacs, host of the Health and Beauty Revolution Show, have created a joint website filled with compelling information at: where they offer a free monthly newsletter on timely topics.

“It is difficult to keep pace with all the developments in aesthetic techniques and technologies and to separate those that are really worthy of recognition from those that are more hype or simply slight variations dressed up in new terminology. Our Coast to Coast ~ Eye on Beauty newsletter and website are dedicated to educating and informing women toward achieving the goal of ageless beauty. A newsletter sign-up form and free gift offer is available at each of these websites.”

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About Lois W. Stern
Lois recently has teamed with Patty Kovacs, host of the Health and Beauty Revolution Show, to issue a FREE monthly newsletter about ageless beauty. Their Coast to Coast ~ Eye on Beauty.Newsletter ( has been created with the mission of empowering women to protect themselves by providing well-researched, unbiased information regarding innovations in aesthetic enhancement procedures and products. Lois is also editor-at-large for, the largest Internet site worldwide for news, articles and products relating to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. A sign-up form is available at each of her websites, along with a gift for all new subscribers, a copy of their famous 10 Beauty Secrets That Won’t Break the Bank.

During her twenty plus years as an educator, Lois W. Stern took an active role in her field as a frequent presenter at state and national educational conferences. Co-president of Suffolk Reading Council and subsequent Regional Director of Nassau and Suffolk LI Reading Councils, a number of her articles have been published by ERIC (U.S. Department of Education - Office of Educational Research and Improvement), parent newsletters, Newsday and the New York Times. As founder of a personalized book company, Stern has authored children's books and poems that become personalized with facts and photos about each child.

After retirement from education, Stern continued to pursue her love for writing, and soon became co-editor of a Long Island Internet web-zine, LI EYE. As she created and authored the column Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives, she discovered her special niche of investigative journalism, and put those same talents to work in her book, Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery, where she was able to gain the trust of over one hundred women while interviewing them about some of the most intimate aspects of their lives.

Stern received a Bachelor of Science degree from Barnard College of Columbia University, where she majored in Sociology. She holds one Masters Degree in Elementary Education and a second in Reading and Special Education. Her new book, Tick Tock Stop The Clock, has just been released.

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