Friday, July 3, 2009

Mold, Bugs, Moisture, Odor, Energy Loss Company Offers A Single DIY Solution For Multiple Crawl Space Problems

What can appear to be many problems is often instead just one problem. All these problems may have their roots in an improperly maintained crawl space. CrawlSpace Concepts LLC offers a do-it-yourself, money saving solution.

For the past century, homes built on a crawl space have suffered numerous problems due to the nature of how the home was constructed. Open earth and foundation vents have allowed moisture to wreak havoc on the home and families living there. The problems suffered by homeowners include mold, bugs, moisture, odor, wood rot and energy loss. CrawlSpace Concepts LLC offers a single, DIY solution that offers an affordable opportunity to solve all these problems immediately and simultaneously.

“Mold, bugs, moisture and odor in a crawl space can now be a thing of the past,” stated Matt Leech President and CEO of CrawlSpace Concepts LLC. “The concept of the conditioned crawl space has been around for more than ten years and solves all of the problems that homes have with a crawl space, including energy loss. A conditioned crawl space is essentially treating the crawl space as if it were part of the home.”

The process is simple. Eliminating the foundation vents keeps the outside air out of the crawl space while a DrySpace™ vapor barrier seals out the moisture from the earth and foundation walls. Once the crawl space is clean and dry, adding conditioned air makes the home more comfortable and energy efficient. Installation can be accomplished by anyone with rudimentary skills.

Now that the International Residential Building Code allows for conditioned crawl spaces it has become easier for home builders to correct these problems at construction. However, one of the most vexing problems for homeowners of existing homes has been finding the same professional grade products available to contractors. “Our DrySpace™ vapor barrier products are what contractors are using to fix these problems,” explained Mr. Leech, “this is the same high quality white vapor barrier seen in television commercials. Installing the barrier is very simple and quite easy to accomplish.”

CrawlSpace Concepts LLC offers their products directly to homeowners and contractors as well as free installation advice and instruction on their website at “We are a hands-on company,” said Leech, “and we install our products in Michigan as well as train contractors across the country. We dedicate a lot of time for our customers, answering questions and teaching them how to install our products. It’s a major part of our business”.

More information is available by visiting the company’s website or by contacting CrawlSpace Concepts LLC at the address below.

CrawlSpace Concepts was formed in 2007 by a contractor with over 7 years of successful experience. His company, Decked Out, continues to operate today. CrawlSpace Concepts was formed when he recognized the need to help homeowners resolve the many issues related to crawl spaces. These include mold, bugs, moisture, odor and rust. The goal was to forever end the problems associated with the dirt crawl space.

CrawlSpace Concepts offers over 20 years of experience in the building industry. The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and to date has maintained a zero complaint record. The company is fully insured and maintains all the licenses required by the state of Michigan.


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