Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Christ Calls Independents To Leadership Says John Meacham, Author of 'Divine Revelation'

Meacham believes it is time for a 'Righteous Revolution' in Christ's Church and calls for an end to secular division

This is a message from Jesus Christ to Independent Christian Churches. “I am the first and the last: who died and lived again. I know that you preach about a turning point and that you are trying to lead My Followers down the path of righteousness. I know that you teach My Followers about a new beginning in their spiritual life and show them a life of holiness. I know that you are giving My Followers insight into living a divine spiritual life and are preparing them for eternal life in My Father’s Heavenly Kingdom. Even though much of your world belongs to Satan, I tell you do not be afraid and I encourage you to continue leading My Followers to a life of heavenly riches. For along your divine path, you will come from the shadows into My Holy Light. You will find a stone with your new Christian name. And you will gather the harvest of My Father’s Chosen Children.”

“Remain faithful to Me, even if it means you must suffer, and I will give you life as your prize of victory. I challenge you to put on My White Linens, to join the Armies of Heaven, to lead My Followers, and to help Me restore My Church. If you have ears, then, listen to what the Spirit says to the churches.”

This message from Jesus Christ is a specific call to Greg Laurie at Harvest Church, David Jeremiah at Shadow Mountain Community Church, and Chuck Swindoll at Stonebriar Community Church to step forward and lead Christ’s Followers in the fight against the forces of darkness that are conquering the Christian Church in America. For these Christian Leaders and their churches, along with John MacArthur, James MacDonald, Charles Stanley, and Chip Ingram, must call for a “Righteous Revolution” in Christ’s Church. They need to put on the full armor of God and throw out the secular principles that now direct so many churches and offer divine guidelines for creating Heavenly Churches. In this “Righteous Revolution,” all Christian Leaders must call their churches to wake up, to repent, to open their doors to Jesus Christ, to be faithful and true to God, to strive for spiritual riches, to live with enthusiasm for Christ, and to seek the lost for Christ. And from these stalwart Christian Captains, Christ’s Followers can find heavenly riches in the open doors of His Church, they can experience an uplifting spiritual life, they can learn how to live for Christ, they can prepare to meet Jesus face-to-face in heaven, and they can make ready their church for Jesus’ Second Coming.

Jesus Christ is now calling Christians everywhere to experience spiritual birth, to store up heavenly riches, to live a divine spiritual life, to join the Armies of Heaven, to fight for church reform, and to prepare the church for His Second Coming.


John Meacham has heard the voice of God from a fiery cloud, seen the dazzling light of God’s Glory, been indwelled by Jesus, traveled to the Sea of Galilee to write a book for Christ, and received seven messages for seven churches from Jesus Christ. John serves the Lord as a Christian Author and Prophet for Jesus Christ who has authored four Christian books and worked in Christ’s Church as a Pastor, Preacher, Workshop Leader, Bible Study Instructor, and Teacher.


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