Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dr. Richard Ruhling Releases Statement Regarding Surprising Choice For Next Pope

In a spectacle of intrigue, the Vatican is at the focus of world attention as it meets to choose the next pope. Dr. Richard Ruhling, author and radio talk show host, believes that the next pope might be John Paul II

As the conclave to elect a new pope gets under way, speculation is rampant.  Dr. Richard Ruhling, author of  'Apocalypse 2013: How To Survive The Fall Of America', believes God is not taken by surprise and the Bible offers clues that might surprise us--it might even take our breath away. Here he provides a number of clues suggesting the next pope could be the much-loved John Paul II.

1. The Bible likens governments to political cartoons described as beasts. In Revelation 13:1, the apostle John saw a beast with seven heads arising. Early Americans believed this beast was the papacy that they fled, seeking freedom in the New World.

Having seven heads, it compares with the seven kings in Revelation 17:10, because the head of the papal church wears a crown as a king. And one of the heads (kings) was "wounded to death," Revelation 13:3. Until Benedict, all recent popes have been wounded by death, but John Paul II had a wound by a would-be assassin, so he is identified, but the assassin's wound was not "to death." To be "wounded to death" and have his deadly wound healed implies a resurrection!

2. John Paul II was the sixth pope since Mussolini reinstated the papacy in the Vatican. As the sixth, he gets special attention in Revelation 17:10 where "five are fallen, one is [John Paul II] and the other is not yet come....and must continue a short space." Benedict was the "short space" [7th] pope.

3. The eighth is [one] "of the seven" in Revelation 17:11, but it does not specify which one. We might conclude that since John Paul II was so well recognized by the world, that it could be he.

4. A resurrection of John Paul II might best enable the description that after the deadly wound healed, "all the world wondered after the beast," Revelation 13:3.

5. Hours after Benedict announced that he would resign, lightning struck the Vatican.
This reminds us that Christ said, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." Luke 10:18. Perhaps we can see in this event the true identity of a resurrected John Paul II who will be charismatic, "sitting in the temple...showing himself that he is God," 2 Thessalonians 2:4.

6. There is strange activity below the Vatican where John Paul II is buried. A bright light filled the room on February 27 and expectations are high.

7. In a Vatican so beset by scandals in banking, pedophilia and homosexuality, the papacy offers a poor image to the world. How better to recover a deadly wound than a resurrection that only God would seem to be behind? It would be most amazing for the "Vicar of Christ" to be resurrected as Christ was, and it would solve some serious Vatican problems.

This information is not a condemnation of sincere Catholics who are following truth as they know it, but the scandals are an embarrassment to a false system. The Bible identifies the system as antichrist, in place of Christ, when it promises salvation and forgiveness of sins for payment of money that Christ paid for with his blood so that we owe Him everything and He becomes Lord of our lives. This cannot be cheapened by paying a priest and continuing in sin. "The times of this ignorance God winks at" (Acts 17:30,31), but we must repent and go by the Bible rather than traditions passed to us by who?    

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