Wednesday, March 27, 2013

‘The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla’, Sequel To ‘Spear Of Seth’, Released By Pennsylvania Author René Daniel

Author René Daniel writes in the traditions of ‘Indiana Jones and ‘House Of Anubis’. He describes his genre as ‘Falenture’, a blend of fantasy, legend and adventure

Pennsylvania author René Daniel has announced the release of ‘The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla’. Daniel’s first fantasy adventure novel, ‘Spear of Seth’, was written in the spirit of 'Indiana Jones' and 'House of Anubis'. The novel took modern day archaeologists into the Egyptian Underworld and was a deftly written blend of fantasy, legend and adventure; a genre Daniel has termed ‘Falenture’. His next novel, 'The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla', follows the same popular format.

In 'Spear of Seth', college sophomore Alex Khyan experienced a summer session unlike one any other college student has ever known. Entering the Egyptian underworld to seek the Spear of Seth, a legendary cure for a mystical poison that nearly claimed the life of his friend and mentor, Alex and his friends fought monsters, demons, and not-so-benevolent gods. They pulled it off, but, after his summer of Indiana Jones-like adventures, Alex hoped never again to do anything more exciting than accidentally blowing something up in his chemistry lab. But Fate was not done with Alex yet.

In 'The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla', a devastating tragedy in Alex's personal life pulls him back into the whirlwind of international intrigue, strange creatures that pre-date pyramids, and religious missions whose converts are not quite what they seem. And so Alex and friends ride again in the stand-alone sequel to ‘Spear of Seth’, from New York to Alexandria, from Florida to the White Desert and back again, following a trail that links a legendary civilization to the work of that mysterious genius, Nikola Tesla.

”I wrote this book,” stated Daniel, “for all the fans of Nikola Tesla, for lovers of Egypt and last, but not least, for all people who enjoyed the first book of the series, ‘Spear of Seth’.

René Daniel is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Both ‘Spear of Seth’ and ‘The Last Secret Of Nikola Tesla’ are available at Amazon and most online book retailers and can be also downloaded at Rene Daniel’s website at

About René Daniel:

In his other life, René Daniel is a physician and a researcher in the fields of gene therapy, HIV and aging. Writing is his great love. He refers to his genre as FALENTURE - a mix of fantasy, legends and adventure.

Unlike a classical fantasy, FALENTURE builds on and sticks close to epic legends of human history, and asks a question: what if they are/were real? Is there really an Egypt Underworld? Was there really a Lost City of Z? What if the mysterious late inventions of Nikola Tesla worked? A FALENTURE could be compared to a combination of ‘Lord Of The Rings’, ‘The DaVinci Code’ and ‘Indiana Jones’.


René Daniel