Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Christian Fantasy Fiction Novel By John DeFilippis Compared To Lord Of The Rings And Game Of Thrones

The Quest Of The Thirteen by New Jersey author John DeFilippis features thirteen men on a quest to save a kingdom and its people.

Dr. John DeFilippis recently released The Quest Of The Thirteen. The new book is an epic fantasy fiction novel for Christian readers. In the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, The Quest Of The Thirteen brings to mind the adventure and excitement of Jason and the Argonauts, The Odyssey, and the Arthurian legend of the Holy Grail. The new release offers a message of faith and hope while remaining true to the epic fantasy fiction format. It has been compared to The Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones.

“I wrote this book,” Dr. DeFilippis stated, “as the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. As a boy, I was quite fond of epic stories such as The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings, and longed to one day write my own series of epic fantasy novels. Little did I know that 30 years later I would finally get the opportunity to do so after losing my job during the economic recession. I firmly believe that this is something God inspired and called me to do, and I hope that those who purchase The Quest of the Thirteen will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

In the storyline, a battle-weary kingdom is in chaos. The people lose their faith as the king is dying with no heir in line. Salvation may lie in a chronicle discovered amongst the dusty tomes in the library of the scribes. A passage describes a medallion of enormous power that holds the key not only to saving the kingdom but to identifying the future king. Thirteen loyal subjects are selected and trained to make the arduous quest to retrieve the medallion. Together they work against nearly impossible odds— rugged terrain, mythical beasts, death-defying adventures and, worst of all, betrayal in their ranks.

“Readers will enjoy this book,” DeFilippis continued, “whether they’re looking to strengthen their religious faith, be inspired in some way, or simply just searching for an exciting fantasy novel that features death-defying adventures and battles with mythical monsters. The array of diverse characters makes it possible for everyone to find a character they can relate to and root for throughout the course of the book. Laid on a strong moral foundation, The Quest Of The Thirteen is laden with Christian themes, biblical references, and aspects of spirituality that will make it appealing to any Christian reader, even those who otherwise might not be interested in the fantasy genre. But the religious overtones are also subtle enough that anyone who wishes to read it purely as a thrilling, epic adventure story can do just that.”

Dr. John DeFilippis is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below. The Quest Of The Thirteen is available in print, ebook and pdf formats at Crossroad Press. An audio version of the book is available at More information is available at John DeFilippis’ website at

About Author John DeFilippis

Dr. John DeFilippis grew up in the Greenville section of Jersey City, graduating from Our Lady of Mercy Grammar School in 1984. In 1988 he graduated from Saint Peter’s Prep and went on to study at Rutgers College in New Brunswick, New Jersey. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree, Dr. DeFilippis attended the School of Theology at Seton Hall University for three years, from 1993 to 1996. During this time he earned his master’s degree in theology and discerned a call to the Catholic priesthood. After ultimately deciding that he did not have a religious vocation, Dr. DeFilippis transitioned into the field of education.

He taught for four years at both the elementary and secondary levels, and earned a second master’s degree in educational administration. In 2000 Dr. DeFilippis made yet another transition, this time accepting an offer to become an academic administrator at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City. He would spend the next seven years there, and in 2007 he completed his Ph.D. in educational leadership at Seton Hall University. After finishing his doctoral degree, he accepted an offer to become a director in the Division of Academic Affairs at New Jersey City University.


Dr. John DeFilippis