Monday, March 4, 2013

Internet Marketing Firm, Free Publicity Focus Group, Releases Statement On How To Market A Business In 2013

Top ranked marketing and publicity firm proposes that successful Internet marketing must be based on an inbound marketing approach

The Free Publicity Focus Group, a top ranked Internet marketing and publicity firm, recently published several articles and blog posts related to implementing successful Internet marketing approaches in the year 2013. One idea central to these informational pieces is the necessity to avoid using outbound marketing strategies in an inbound marketing environment.

"There are many approaches to Internet marketing," stated Don McCauley, facilitator of FPFG, "but nearly all fall into one of three categories - marketing through advertising, social media marketing or inbound search engine marketing. Of the three, inbound search engine marketing likely holds the most value for small businesses or those marketing individual products. This is because content marketing has become the dominant strategic approach. Buyers naturally desire and demand information while in the decision-making phase of the buying cycle. Search engine marketing presents the best opportunity to present that content in powerful ways to buyers. This 'content approach' allows the provider to build much more credibility than advertising or social media marketing approaches."

The Free Publicity Focus Group offers marketing consulting services to authors and publishers, small business and service business clients. The company specializes in marketing strategy development. The range of specific services includes search engine marketing, search engine optimization, Internet marketing and publicity and a host of other services that assist companies and individuals in the implementation of marketing strategies that produce results.

"Every target market profile is very specific in regards to age, gender, geographic region, wants, needs and preferred approach. Developing an effective inbound marketing strategy in the Internet marketing environment is every bit as difficult as building a marketing strategy for a traditional business in the physical world. Our goal is to assist clients in navigating the minefield of options out there and to develop and implement marketing strategies that produce sales."

The company offers no charge ebooks, reports and video training at the Free Publicity Focus Group website. These can be downloaded and put to use immediately by those hoping to create success by utilizing proven, common sense marketing methods, tools and strategies.

Don McCauley is available for media interview and can be reached using the information below. More information is available at the website. More information is available at no charge at the group's website at


Don McCauley is a marketing strategist with over 30 years of experience. He helps individuals, small businesses, authors and service professionals create low cost and no cost publicity and marketing campaigns to increase sales. The primary goal is to demonstrate how anyone can develop an effective marketing and publicity campaign for little or no money. This is accomplished by utilizing cutting edge strategic marketing and publicity resources. He serves as facilitator of the Free Publicity Focus Group. He is the co-founder of 'Book Marketing - The Authors Marketing Powerhouse', and serves as host for several of 'The Authors Show' radio programs.


Don McCauley
Free Publicity Focus Group