Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Child's Spinal Cord Injury Is The Basis For Inspiring And Motivational Story In 'Tales2Inspire'

Spinal cord injury is one of the most debilitating forms of injury, affecting 1.25 million Americans. While technology advances at a record pace, funding for research is now being cut. Many of those affected continue to hope. Garret Frey is one of those people. His inspiring story appears in 'Tales2Inspire - The Topaz Collection'

Spinal cord injury affects 1.25 million Americans. The aftermath of such injuries can be horrific, sometimes resulting in total paralysis. Whereas some people might simply give up, others face the overwhelming challenges inherent in such injuries and go on to lead fulfilling lives. Garret Frey is one such person. His inspiring story in ‘The Topaz Collection’, by Karen Hutchins Pirnot, Ph.D., demonstrates the indomitable nature of the human spirit.

Garret was left quadriplegic and ventilator dependent for life after a motorcycle accident that happened when he was just four years old. Dr. Pirnot spent seven years with Garrett. Her story, related in 'Tales2Inspire' describes how Garrett moved ever onward toward excellence and, perhaps without realizing it, managed to take Dr. Pirnot along on that journey.

"In a day in which advances in technology are forthcoming at a record pace," Dr. Pirnot stated, "the funding for technology which could be critical to human survival is being cut.  In particular recent government cuts in funding for those with spinal cord injuries is affecting thousands of individuals with various forms of paralysis.  One of those hoping for scientific advances is young Garret Frey of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the subject of my story, "As I Am" now published in the ‘Tales2Inspire - The Topaz Collection’ of inspiring stories.  Garret was injured at the tender age of four years and was rendered quadriplegic and ventilator-dependent.  The means to restore motor functioning was simply unavailable at the time. Despite his handicaps, Garret managed to graduate from high school and attend college.  Garret's adjustment to a purely cognitive life has been phenomenal but for those more recently injured, the prognosis could be dismal unless the means are found to transmit scientific advances to the adaptive functioning of those with spinal cord injuries." 

'Tales2Inspire', presented by Lois W. Stern, is a compilation of life inspiring messages and motivational stories from contributing authors. Each edition presents inspiring stories and messages of hope to readers of any age group.

"Because each of the stories included in any of the Tales2Inspire™ collections is selected for its inspirational value, these books are ideal matches for groups and individuals seeking uplifting, motivational messages presented in a very powerful way. Every story could make a real impact on those who need these kinds of messages.That could be anybody -  from a hospital patient who needs a major lift in spirits to those who are facing smaller, every day kinds of challenges and just want a quick pick-me-up. They are priced to fit any budget and make great gifts."

In a recent review of ‘Tales2Inspire’, Bernie Siegel, MD, author of ‘A Book Of Miracles’ and ‘365 Prescriptions for the Soul' stated, “This is a book with a heart. Filled with stories which reveal what happens when we choose to live in a way that is life enhancing for all God's creatures. Our potential is miraculous when we choose to inspire the vapor of love. The people in these stories have always been my teachers. Read and learn the lessons of life.”

Inspirational stories, submitted by authors, are judged by a peer group to determine eligibility for publication. There are no fees to submit for consideration, and winning authors receive many no-charge platform-building opportunities. Future submission categories are likely to include themes such as Compassion, Reflections, Courage, Faith (non-denominational), Everyday Miracles, Dreams Fulfilled and Success through Perseverance, with those currently open continually updated on the Tales2inspire website.

Lois W. Stern is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at tales2inspire@optimum.net. ‘Tales2Inspire’ is available at Amazon and other online retailers. More information is available at the website at http://www.tales2inspire.com.


After twenty years as an active educator, Lois W. Stern continued to pursue her love for writing, and soon became co-editor of the then popular Long Island web-zine, LI EYE.

As she created and authored the column ‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives’, she solidified her special niche as an investigative journalist and put those same talents to work in ‘Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery’ while interviewing over one hundred women about some of the most intimate, provocative aspects of their lives. Shortly thereafter, Lois followed up with her second book, ‘Tick Tock, Stop the Clock – Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour’, as a means of helping to make affordable, less invasive forms of ageless beauty a reality for many women.  Lois E explains that she particularly enjoys the experience of getting to know each of her interview subjects as unique individuals. “There are some qualities one can't fake,” says Lois, who firmly believes that much of her success as an author is due to her personal touch: her ability to develop sincere relationships, unique story angles, and skilled human-based presentations.

More than a creation, ‘Tales2Inspire’ has become a passion, to which Lois dedicates over 100 hours per week. She has published the first two of these inspiring story anthologies: The Emerald Collection and The Topaz Collection, which are filled with true ‘Beyond Coincidence’ and ‘Awakenings’ stories. Her goal is to continue to publish more winning inspirational stories in a series of short gift book collections with the name of each author credited for their story.

Dr. Karen Pirnot has worked with children and their families through the Department of Human Services, the Juvenile Justice System and in private practice. She treats special needs children as well as those with transitional life issues. Dr. Pirnot had a private practice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and in Sarasota Florida where she currently lives with her family. Karen has fourteen published books to her credit including: As I Am, Just a Common Lady, The Learners of Owamboland, Keeper of the Lullabies, Eating Through the Earth, nine children’s picture books, four books in both her Ordinary Kids Series and her Skymaster Series, and two in her Silky and Sly Series.


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