Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Anthony Wright, Author Of 'You Can Self Heal', To Be Featured On The Authors Show October 10 Through October 12, 2014

Anthony Wright inspires recovery. His story clearly demonstrates that people can self heal. A dramatic story of willpower, determination and courage, Wright's book offers proof that anyone can self heal

Anthony Wright, author of 'You Can Self Heal', will appear on The Authors Show October 10 through October 12, 2014. In the interview he discusses his recovery from a brain tumor that threatened to take his life.

Anthony Wright suffered through nine operations for his brain tumors and their consequences. At 45, after early diagnosis and delays, Tony deliberately faked a hearing test, which provoked an emergency MRI scan. The scan revealed a large, golf ball sized brain tumor and led to an NF2 diagnosis. There were further delays and later, he discovered through his own research, that he had vision complications from Papilledema, a rare condition which if untreated leads to permanent blindness. This was confirmed by a doctor. A successful operation followed to save his sight.

The operation for the main tumor a year later did not go so well. Complications meant that a second then third operation were required just days later. This now became a life or death struggle. He did expire during one operation. The surgeons saved his life but he lost hearing, balance and facial nerves. He was now in a coma, losing more than 25Kgs body weight in the following weeks. Tony was now unable to walk, confused and very weak. His face collapsed on one side.

He was moved to a rehabilitation unit to learn to walk. While still in a wheelchair, he broke into their gym and started to use the equipment. Just three weeks later, Tony was discovered by a rather surprised off-duty nurse in a local pub – just sitting down to steak and chips.

Upon returning home he could walk, but was weak with typical brain injury symptoms. These included fatigue and confusion with dyslexia and memory loss. His mind and body had been extensively damaged; but Tony wanted his life back. He understood there was a need for a plan encompassing all aspects of mind and body in order to recover. He developed his own self recovery plan. His plan, a combination of brain and physical exercises, prove to be very successful. He can now run two miles or walk ten, while his speed of speech has increased by a third.

"This book," Wright stated, "outlines for readers all of the positive steps I took in my recovery and will enable one to revitalize one's natural healing powers. They will able to encourage and motivate all their resources -  mind and body - to self heal. The book is a map or guide that will offer a structured, self-managed approach for self healing. The message from the book is 'You can get your life back'."

Tony has since formed “Recovery”, a business that provides inspiration and guidance for all those seeking to recover from major medical traumas. The concept is “You Can Self-Heal”. There are training courses and a book based on his recovery plan. He also offers services to charities such as public speaking, fundraising or activities to support the self-managed recovery message.

Anthony Wright is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'You Can Self Heal" is available at Amazon. Wright's interview can be heard October 10 through October 12 at The Authors Show site at More information is available at Wright's website at

About Anthony Wright:

Anthony Wright inspires recovery. As the result of a brain tumor, he suffered through nine operations, two radio-therapies, spent a week in a coma and a month in a wheelchair. He died once, was brain damaged, nearly blinded, crippled and his face collapsed. He lost 75% of his hearing, his job, his career, his identity, and his future. Through his personally developed self healing strategies and techniques he recovered. Today he can run two miles or walk ten. He lifts weights and plays golf (better than before, he claims). He is now a speaker, a self recovery trainer and an author of a book on self recovery.


Anthony Wright