Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Christian Book Author SaBrowny Rae Announces Book Launch Soiree For ‘Backdoor Tales: Lipstick - I, Judas’

Author SaBrowny Rae offers readers two completely unique stories, bundled as two books in one in her newest release, 'Backdoor Tales: Lipstick and I, Judas'. The book launch soiree will be held on October 25, 2014 in Landover MD

Author SaBrowny Rae has announced the release of the second installment in her 'Backdoor Tales' series. The new release is titled 'Backdoor Tales: Lipstick and I, Judas'. To celebrate the launch of the book, Rae will hold a soiree on October 25 in Landover, MD. The event will take place at Signature Blue Events, 337 Brightseat Rd. Suite 120 in Landover. Hours are from 3pm-6pm. The event will be open to the public.

During the event Rae will showcase her new book 'Backdoor Tales: Lipstick and I,Judas', and will also showcase her product line based on her two books. These include a line of 10 shades of red lipstick called Noir Red that represent her novel 'Lipstick' and a line of 3 scents of perfume called September Love that represent her novel 'September Love'. Both products are found in her new collection known as 'SaBrowny Rae's Vintage Inspired Beauty'.

"Writing the Backdoor Tales series has allowed me to dig into the deepest corners of my imagination," Rae stated. "From these four novels the characters seemed to jump off the page and right into the readers lives. I wanted a way that our readers could keep their memory with them as they enjoyed a part of the books. Lipstick's favorite shade of red lipstick and September Love's autumn blends of perfume will keep these two characters on the minds and in the hearts of our fans while enjoying two great products."

Rae's latest work presents a healthy dose of intrigue, mystery, religion, and murder. While Rae's books could be said to be Christian books as they present a number of Christian themes, it would be more appropriate to term them 'edgy' Christian.

In the storyline of the segment entitled 'Lipstick', an unwanted, unloved child is left orphaned by parents who never wanted her in the first place. She is taken in by strangers who want to sell her for illicit favors. Only she turns the tide on them and commits her first two murders. Once this is done, she becomes the person that she was created to be—Lipstick, a wealthy sociopathic murderer. She creates a new life for herself and discovers her true family.

In the storyline of the segment entitled 'I, Judas', the Christ killer is back, only this time he’s assigned to create a new race of nonhumans, ones that will destroy mankind for his master, Satan. He arrives to earth in the dead of the night and realizes that he’s no longer human but can only function as long as he has fresh blood as his source of life. A sadistic, bloodthirsty demonic killer remembers his sins against Christ and the love that he traded for thirty pieces of silver. He finds love again and cheats Satan and his assignment only to have a group of unlikely members form and attempt to send him back.

"'Lipstick' and 'I, Judas' both were books that seemed to have a life of their own," Rae concluded. "Even I was surprised with the endings."

SaBrowny Rae is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Both 'Backdoor Tales' books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris in ebook, paperback and hardback. More information is available at SaBrowny's website at

About Sabrowny Rae:

SaBrowny Rae is a native of Washington, DC where she lives with her husband and surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Her dream of writing in the style of the tall tales of her great grandmother only began with this, her first effort after she retired from her full time job as a registered nurse.

She has taken the written word and weaved a story that will keep readers wanting more using the same style of story-telling that allows readers to dig deep into theirimaginations and see the tale come to life. Her stories are based on romance, intrigue, mystery, religion, and murder.


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