Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gail Lawley, Author Of Assisted Living Resource Book, 'It's Your Move', Announces November Event Schedule

Lawley's work is a resource covering independent living, retirement homes, in home care, retirement communities, independent living services and much more

Gail Lawley, author of 'It's Your Move', a resource book for seniors, has announced her upcoming schedule of events for November, 2014.  'It's Your Move' is an in-depth guide to senior living choices. The book addresses topics such as assisted living, independent living, retirement homes, in home care, retirement communities, independent living services and much more.

'It's Your Move' is a workbook for those who are contemplating where they want to live for the rest of their lives, or for children having to choose “at home” or “in a facility” for a parent. There are many books on the market that discuss these choices. The focus of Lawley's book is decision-making and comparing facilities; most others focus on planning and paying for what is chosen. The book is for readers who have lost a spouse or partner, are tired of taking care of a house or who may hate to cook for one or two or are tired of home and yard maintenance.  The book addresses issues such as having a spouse who is showing signs of mental deterioration, discovering a physical problem or disease that is only going to get worse with time, the desire to travel without worrying about the home, the need to quit driving and a host of other issues.

“A friend told me," Lawley stated, "that he wouldn’t buy my book because all my reviews on Amazon were 5 star and he thought I must have had friends write them.  In reality, only one is from a friend”

“I wrote this book because I see adult children or friends and neighbors wait until they have a crisis before addressing the issue of where to live if you can no longer live independently.  At that point they have to decide quickly thus lists are more helpful than a lengthy story.”

'It's Your Move' explains the available choices and provides readers with references where they can get more information.  Using 33 tables, the book itemizes things one should consider, from costs of staying in the home to nursing home care and costs.  The lists helps one compare what it will cost to stay at home versus the costs of living in a retirement community. It will help readers to compare current costs to those of communities under consideration and will alert readers to items they need to understand about assisted living, from Medicaid approved nursing homes to Medicare payments for hospice. The information and lists of questions in this book guide readers through all of the choices available, points to additional references and serves as an objective source for the decisions one must make regarding assisted living.

Lawley's schedule of events for November includes:

Dare to be 100
Nov 11 9am until 2pm
Oro Valley's Silver Citizen's Health, Wellness Lecture and Fitness event
Presenters: Dr Walter Bortz an expert on aging and longevity, Edna Silva Tai Chi basics; Vera Shury Parkinson's Fitness; Gail Lawley, "It's Your Move"
Oro Valley Town Hall
110000 N La Canada
Oro Valley AZ

November Elder Circle - It's Your Move … Or Not?
November 14 10 am until 11:30 am
St. Francis in the Foothills
4625 E. River Rd.
Tucson AZ

Gail Lawley is available for speaking engagements and media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at itsyourmove@glawley.com. 'It's Your Move' is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Scribd, iBooks, Gardners and many more. More information is available at Lawley's website at http://www.movechoices.com.


Gail Lawley spent 30 years as a computer analyst defining requirements. She used her analytic talents to make lists to help relatives and friends decide where they wanted to live during their senior years.


Gail Lawley