Saturday, January 24, 2015

Author J. L. Koszarek Announces Release Of Serial Novel, 'Divide Then Conquer'

J. L. Koszarek and Thad David, co-authors of 'Divide Then Conquer' present an exciting and unusual story that falls outside the boundaries of the traditional publishing model and takes readers on an apocalyptic ride that is appropriate for anyone over the age of 13 who is interested in zombie based novels

Authors J. L. Koszarek and Thad David have announced the release of 'Divide Then Conquer: The Zombie Company Crusade Series'. The new series novel is unique both in storyline and in regards to the publishing model being used, as a new segment in the series will become available on a monthly basis.

As the story opens with parts 1-3, it is late summer 2014, and a mysterious virus threatens to overtake the entire human race. The only chance for survival rests in the hands of a motley crew of courageous, diverse foot soldiers who must band together to overcome the evil forces that are multiplying at an alarming rate. In part 4 of the series, Jack and Jimmie make it to Colorado Springs, Banfield seditiously hires a spy, and secrets unfold in Savannah. There is a daring rescue in Coronado and the NIH/CDC mission begins.

"I usually write historical fiction, historical romance and erotica," Koszarek stated. "When Thad asked me to join this project, I was nervous from the beginning, but as it turns out, we’ve been able to create a great story that’s appropriate for anyone over the age of 13 that is interested in zombies, of course, but also for those of us interested in history, sociology, psychology, equal rights, religion, family struggles, military intrigue, politics, action, adventure, and yes, even love and romance. It’s a well-rounded story with believable characters who strike an emotional chord with a wide range of readers. I’m very proud of it."

'Divide Then Conquer' is a joint collaboration between Koszarek and Thad David of Recon Jack Media.

The three-box set of Divide Then Conquer is currently available via download for Kindle, i-Reader and Nook. The introductory offer includes three parts for free on Apple and for 99 cents through Amazon and Nook. Thereafter, each month a new part will become available for download for $2.99.

Jodi Koszarek is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Divide Then Conquer' is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, iTunes and at Koszarek's website. More information is available at the websites at and

About J.L. Koszarek:

A graduate of Western International University, Jodi Koszarek moved to New Orleans in 1986 and has lived in the region ever since. She has been a community volunteer for over twenty-five years with various groups in support of local public, private, parochial, and charter schools. She lives part-time between northern New Mexico and the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband and two dogs.

About Thad David:
Thad David is a former US Marine Recon Scout Sniper born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1982. He graduated from Saint Stanislaus College Preparatory School in Bay Saint Louis, MS in 2001 and then left for Boot Camp in Parris Island.

He spent 4 years serving his country performing two tours in Iraq; first for the initial invasion in 2003 and again in 2004. Upon returning from his second tour he spent six months as an Instructor for Pre-Recon School.

Thad David later attended the University of New Orleans where he began studying Biology and Chemistry. With an unexpected turn of fate, he left university and went to Africa where he worked anti-piracy security on ships. His time aboard ship in West Africa inspired him create a mobile game called "Zombie Company Crusade".

A few months later, Thad moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to work as a sales coach by day and create "Zombie Company Crusade" by night, which influenced his first book, "Divide Then Conquer: The Zombie Company Crusade Series". The "Divide Then Conquer" journey consists of a 10 part series that contains zombie horror, political suspense and cultural reflections.


Jodi Koszarek