Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How To Market A Book In 2015 - Top 10 Ideas Released By Great Writers Publishing

The GWP article covers promotion, audience targeting, Internet marketing, social media marketing, Internet publicity, traditional media, websites and other topics

A new article entitled 'How To Market A Book In 2015 - Top 10 Ideas' has been made available by Great Writers Publishing.

Designed to lead new authors and publishers beyond the hype and hearsay, the article covers a wide range of topics including how to get in front of a target audience, optimization for target audiences,  social media, branding, Internet publicity, websites, audience engagement and more.

It is necessary to develop a professional level book marketing plan if one hopes to be successful in today's highly competitive Internet book marketing environment. The article is based on real world, professional level marketing strategies and is designed to clear up the confusion regarding how to develop a professional level book marketing strategy. It answers a host of questions asked by a large number of authors through a survey process and helps put authors and publishers on a track to real success.

GWP takes a hybrid approach to publishing. Formed by partners with decades of experience in marketing, publicity and media, the company pulls the best strategies from both traditional publishing and self-publishing models to create a hybrid publishing approach that makes sense in today’s consumer-driven digital environment.

The article is available at the Great Writers Publishing site. Questions may be directed to More information is available at the company's website at

About Great Writers Publishing:

Great Writers Publishing follows a hybrid publishing model. GWP focuses on marketing from start to finish, from publishing through production and promotion. The company attempts to pull the best strategies and techniques from other publishing models and drops the rest. The end result is a publishing model that is totally unique; one that is specifically designed to create marketing results in today's Internet book marketing environment.


Don McCauley