Tuesday, July 21, 2015

6 Questions To Ask Before Undertaking Cosmetic Surgery - Transformational Coach And Best-Selling Author Reba Linker Offers Guidance

Linker believes that cosmetic surgery can be used for the wrong reasons; but there are also reasons why it might make sense. It all comes down to self-love

Transformational coach and best-selling author Reba Linker believes no amount of cosmetic surgery can change what surgery cannot change - a lack of self love, or perhaps a body image that is out of line with reality. In a recent statement she suggests that there may be a less painful way, a more successful way, a more self-loving way of managing the questions of beauty and appearance.

Many people try to attain an image, rather than a reality. Others may be tempted to take a path like the famous “Human Barbie” who modeled herself after a plastic doll. Some even become cosmetic surgery 'addicts'. Sadly, some people substitute art, craft, or artifice for reality. An airbrushed glossy magazine image may be fabulous, but that’s just what it is: an image, a 2-dimensional layout made of pixels and ink. Ultimately there are reasons for and reasons against cosmetic surgery.

"When I was a ballroom dance instructor," Linker stated, "I taught a lot of wedding couples. As a then single woman trying to make sense of the dating world, I was frequently amazed at which women ‘got the guy.’ I noticed that it had NOTHING to do with their looks, or even their personalities. My conclusion: it had, mainly, to do with their feeling of deservingness and entitlement. IF ONLY attaining happiness, approval, respect, love, success, and belonging was as (relatively) simple as undergoing minor surgery, I would be the first on line – but it’s not."

"Cosmetic surgery for the wrong reasons is the start of an endless road. Surgery won’t scratch your itch, though you may keep trying. You may spend your time, money, energy, your entire LIFE chasing a dream that can’t be caught through cosmetic surgery. If you think you will feel more confident if you had higher cheekbones – just know that even if you had the surgery, the feeling of confidence comes from within, and it is the feeling – not the cheekbones – that is creating the more confident you."

Reba Linker is the author of several best-selling books. 'Imagine Self Love: A Journal' allows readers to boost the dial on the self-love meter. Daily Quotes, Journal Prompts and Action Steps are designed to strengthen their self-love practice, and helps establish self-care as the most rewarding habit in one's life.

'The Little Book of Manifesting Big' contains universal techniques, learned from a true spiritual master, expressed with clarity, humor and wisdom. Readers learn to experience a life that is as abundant as one's wildest imaginations.

The soon to be released 'Happiness is a Habit' is based on Reba’s 30 years of study with a great spiritual teacher. The book interweaves stories, anecdotes, exercises and personal history to bring the reader to a deep understanding of what makes happiness, and to give the reader the tools to create their best and happiest life. 'Happiness is a Habit' will be released in 2015. Reba's true calling however is Transformational Coaching.

"Transformational Coaching," she stated, "addresses the issues that may be keeping you from your best results. The goal is to enable you to move beyond the blocks that may have stopped you in the past, and free you to move into a more joyful and satisfying experience of life."

"The two most important tools used in Transformational Coaching are wisdom and compassion. The wisdom is, truly, the wisdom within YOU. Transformational Coaching is the process of uncovering that wisdom, and giving you ever greater access to your own knowing of what is right and good for you."

"My wisdom has been gained from over 30 years study with an extraordinary spiritual teacher, as well as from the knowledge gained from my own personal journey of healing and of creating my best life."

Reba Linker is available for media interviews and coaching consultations and can be reached using the information below or by email at reba@rebalinker.com. The recent piece on cosmetic surgery is available at her blog at http://rebalinker.com/self-love-for-the-cosmetic-surgery-addict/. All of her books are available at Amazon.com and wherever books are sold online. More information on her best-selling books and Transformational Coaching sessions, including the recently published information regarding cosmetic surgery, is available at her website at http://www.RebaLinker.com.

About Reba Linker:

Before opening her dance studio, Empire Dance in New York City, Linker's previous professional experience had been in arts management and dance instruction. She received a BA in Dance and an MA in Dance History from the University of California, Riverside. She lives with her family in New York City.


Reba Linker