Tuesday, July 28, 2015

God Helps Us Whether We Believe Or Not - Pat Chafant, Author Of 'Spirit Lights' And Former Skeptic, Offers Evidence

Oregon Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant's amazing psychic gifts have helped hundreds of individuals worldwide

The belief in a power outside of us is a divisive issue. Most people come down hard on one side of the fence or the other in spiritual matters. The percentage of non-believers is growing at a steady rate, as a number of surveys have shown. If there is a God, does that God care whether or not we believe in a Supreme Power? Does belief matter? Pat Chalfant, author of 'Spirit Lights- A Path To Mediumship', believes the answer is perhaps no.  

"Many years ago," Pat stated, "when I wasn’t sure I believed in God, a day suddenly came when I urgently needed His help—or someone’s—only there was nobody with me. I froze.  I didn’t know where to turn or what to do.  Then something reminded the skeptic in me that I had read somewhere that God will help us when we desperately need help whether we believe in Him or not.  The written remark had also advised that He can’t help unless we ask Him for help."

"The situation was so urgent that I bowed my head then and there sitting at my kitchen table.  Completely paralyzed with fear by then, I mentally said, “Dear God, if there is a God, I really need help and I need it right away.”  Body, mind and spirit were almost completely numb.  I waited for what seemed an eternity, but was probably no more than a few seconds.  Suddenly, as if a voice impressed itself on my mind, I was told  clearly what I needed to do.  It was a simple thing—I had to get myself into the shower so I would be virtually covered with water."

"It did the trick.  My runaway feelings that had been uncontrollably escalating began slowly to retreat. Then, after awhile, I was at peace.  It was over and I have never since felt such fear again in my whole life."

"It was many years before I would learn, as I eventually studied to become a medium, that the way to rid yourself of an unwanted spirit is to submerge yourself in water.  If you have a swimming pool handy that’s even better than a shower because you can cover yourself completely with water, but a shower will do.  Had I drawn a rogue spirit to me with my anger?   I only knew that I was in control again.  I think that I thanked God for His amazing help that day.  I am absolutely certain though that I knew from then on that it was true that you could ask God for His help and get it, whether you believed in Him or not."

"I want to point out that when I decided to pray for God’s help (not sure He really did exist), I was using my free will.  God gave us this free will expressly so that we would come to want His companionship and so he would not need to demand that we communicate with Him or force us to ask for His advice and help for our life’s problems. I believe that in large part since I decided to test the quote I remembered in my hour of need about God giving us help when we were desperate for help, if we would only ask Him for it, my companionship with God has grown steadily via my free will through the last 50 years very slowly but very surely."

"I’ve watched many people through the years discouraging others from believing we each possess God’s gift to us all of free will.  Instead they have often presented vivid television and movie images of “evil” spirits surprising people, rushing at them through the air, hiding behind trees and in dark places, then jumping out at them, etc., when what they really should have been depicting was that God has given us free will and that all that’s necessary to procure his help when we are in need is to simply say, 'Dear God, I need Your help…' and he will get us out of whatever trouble we may be in." 

"If you are the skeptic that I was before all this happened, I can imagine you’re saying by now, 'Bah, Humbug!  There is no such thing as God and certainly not some gift from Him that lets us receive help by simply saying, God, I need your help, please help me,' but I have had that assurance for 50 years.  It is my privilege to be able to write these words to you about this, just as that nameless, faceless writer once wrote in some forgotten piece I read that God would save me if I prayed and asked him for help.  Remember this.  It could save your life or somebody else’s.  It can also literally bring you happiness that you could never have anticipated.  It did that for me."

'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship', explains how Pat, a real skeptic regarding such matters, developed mediumship abilities and now lives a life transformed by the spiritual. Mediumship is a controversial issue and Pat understands this, but she also believes that credible mediumship holds the promise of real benefits for mankind that have not been fully explored.

In addition to offering one-on-one client consultations, Pat has penned the 'Spirit Lights Song Book' and three of those songs are in the National Spiritualist Association of Churches hymn book. There are samples of the words and music on her web site, www.patchalfant.com, and ‘Spirit Lights’ song books for sale there, too. She does readings for clients by phone and teaches mediumship development classes. She has also created a DVD entitled 'Spirit Lights Psychic Development DVD'.

Pat Chalfant is currently appearing on The Authors Show. Her interview is available now at The Authors Show site. 'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship' is available at her website and at Amazon. Pat is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at pat.chalfant@patchalfant.com. Pat maintains a Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9qOQWIWR-DUL8hBDqE5TnQ.  She is also available for inspirational lectures. More information is available at her website at http://www.patchalfant.com.

About Pat Chalfant:

Oregon Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant's amazing psychic gifts have helped hundreds of individuals worldwide. Pat has written a column on parapsychology and interviewed Hollywood stars and the psychics who read for them for a national newspaper. Other topics she’s taught and written about are: past life therapy, death and dying, the Edgar Cayce work, the Cathars, and Spiritual healing.

The Association for Past Life Research and Therapies newsletter published a series of her interviews with psychiatrists, psychologists, and hypnotherapists who were all west coast pioneers of past life therapy. Pat believes that series is destined to become a book.

She teaches internationally online and also hosts an online Spiritualist circle, Spirit Lights Chapel.


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