Thursday, July 2, 2015

Local Artist Trenna Daniells, 'Painter of Journeys', Debuts at the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder Colorado July 3, 2015

Trenna’s painting career spans many genres, forms and locations, which have been brought to life in her work with Fine Art Galleries across the US. Her commercial work includes private commissions and outfitting entire resorts

Artist Trenna Daniells announced that she has been selected as the summer artist for the St. Julien Hotel and Spa in Boulder, CO. Her work will debut at the hotel on July 3, 2015. Over 40 original paintings will be on display and for sale through the end of September. Her Colorado themed work is representational in style. The show will feature landscapes and wildlife from the surrounding area. She also will be including a few of her Italian travel pieces.

"I really love doing private commissions and have developed a unique ability to paint places that my clients have visited. Now days it seems our memories of special travels get stuck on an electronic drive or in photo albums. I thoroughly get pleasure from painting a special travel experience that enables the client to relive that memory again.”

Trenna is a 'Painter of Journeys'. If there is a particular reaction to traveling to exotic places, it must be the traveler’s desire to bring it home.  And share it.  She specializes in private commissions for clients who wish to bring their travels to life in paintings that will then hang in their homes and evoke memories of their cherished travel adventures. Trenna's unique paintings allow clients to share those memories every day with everyone who might enter a home, office or other public space.

"My paintings first live in the imagination at the end of my brush," Trenna stated. "They are stories in which I don’t know the ending until they are completed. I create something that never existed before. I can use my inspiration to evoke a feeling in another living being. I can communicate with color, hue, light, shadow and texture.  I can speak heart-to-heart with another person without ever uttering a word, without ever seeing or touching that person, without ever meeting them.   It’s powerful, and it makes my heart sing."

Trenna Daniells' body of work is impressive. Her work includes, but is not limited to:

* Island Heritage Publishing, Honolulu Hawaii, series of tropical hut greeting cards
* Aloha Airlines Calendar for Artists of Hawaii
* Sandals Hotel Negril, Jamaica, series of 3 prints each for all 300 guest rooms
* Palms Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, designed artwork for all the hallways for 51 story tower
* Interior Designer/Artist for Heather’s Savory Pies and Tapas Bar Restaurant in Basalt, Colorado.
* North Light Books, Featured artist in “Best of Wildlife “ Edition
* Featured artist for show at the Rembrandt Yard Gallery in Boulder Colorado
* Featured artist at Randy Puckett’s Foundation Gallery Lahaina, HI
* Featured artist for the Collector’s Galleries on Maui and Hawaii
* Featured artist Royal Street Art Gallery Aspen Colorado
* Featured artist Art Expressions Aspen and Vail Colorado
* Featured artist at the Wyland Galleries of Florida
* Has previously shown in galleries in Aspen, Vail, Golden, Boulder, Evergreen Colorado and Santa Fe, NM, Sedona and Scottsdale, Arizona.
* Featured Hawaii Floral Artist for the Wishard Gallery, Big Island Hawaii

Trenna's upcoming events include:

* City of Golden Colorado GURA project, artist for the Darling Neighborhood Gardens Banner hanging celebration July 15th.
* Participating in the juried Boulder Open Studios Fall Artist Tour on weekends of October 3rd and 4th and 10th and 11th 2015.
* Donating work for “Denver’s Evening of Tribute”, benefiting the Navy Seal Foundation on August 20th 2015

The St Julien Hotel and Spa will be hosting a Champagne Reception for the artist in August, please watch for the date to be announced at a later time.  All are welcome, please stop in and meet the artist. The artist will have several additional paintings new to the show at that time as well.

Trenna's work will be on display July 3rd through end of September 2015 at the St Julien Hotel and Spa, 900 Walnut St. Boulder Colorado. She is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information is available at her website at

About Trenna Daniells:

Trenna began her journey into art in high school and college in the Pacific Northwest.  She continually won awards for her involvement in the arts, which often led to painting giant murals and backdrops for the school plays.  She won awards for the Art and Music programs at Mt Hood College.She studied with famed Navajo Shaman and artist David “Chetlehe” Paladin in Prescott Arizona.  His artistic techniques and spiritual teaching still touch her and influence her work today.

Her philosophical nature and motherhood sparked a need to write and for several years Trenna painted with words and developed a series of self-responsibility adventure stories for children.  Her return to her studies at the UCLA Design School in California in 1989 brought back to life the roots and the longing to return to her art.  It seemed to be very natural to apply architectural insights to creating a series of tropical fantasy island huts and a series of greeting cards.  Her work was soon appearing in Aloha Airlines, Artists of Hawaii, and hanging in the Collectors Galleries on Maui and Kauai pastels for their hotel in Las Vegas.   Her work hangs numerous resorts around the world including Sandals Resort on Negril Beach in Jamaica.

Safaris to Africa kindled her intense desire to paint endangered wildlife.  On top of a canvas richly inlaid with gold leaf and natural pigments she combines ancient symbols and exotic birds and animals.  In Trenna's paintings the animals speak volumes with their eyes and are often found in their natural habitat contrast against the rich treatment of gold.  She is a featured artist in the “Best of Wildlife” edition from North Light Books.

Trenna is currently living at Lake Valley in North Boulder and is “Romancing the Rockies". With it’s rich history and scenic beauty she finds The Rockies a constant source of inspiration. She participates in shows at the Rembrandt Yard Gallery, The Open Art Studio Tour, Colorado Horse Rescue Events, Boulder Humane Society and will be the featured artist of the summer at the 5 Star St Julien Hotel in Boulder Colorado.

Her works hang in homes from Aspen, Boulder, Vail, Beaver Creek and the Hawaiian Islands.


Trenna Daniells
Phone: 720-524-6153