Monday, November 5, 2012

‘Eat Great And Lose Weight: The Natural Cure For Diabetes’ Offers Gourmet Diabetic Recipes Made With Simple, Everyday Ingredients

The concepts in 'Eat Great And Lose Weight' demonstrate that by making simple dietary changes, readers can not only reduce the risk of Type II diabetes, but can begin to lose weight and feel great in just a few days. Unlike other diabetic diets and diet plans, the book offers gourmet recipes from which to choose, developed from items available in any grocery store

Type II Diabetes makes headlines nearly every day. Even celebrities, such as chef Paula Deen have fallen prey to the condition. For most, the only solution was to eat bland, boring foods and follow a restrictive diet. Most people cannot or will not follow such plans. Now Al and Michelle Snapp have solved this problem in 'Eat Great And Lose Weight: The Natural Cure For Diabetes'.

The new book, now available in both standard paperback and Kindle formats, offers a simple plan to lose weight and possibly reverse Type II Diabetes and the associated medical costs through simple diet changes that nearly anyone can make. Unlike other weight loss and diabetic food plans, ‘Eat Great & Lose Weight’ features gourmet recipes that help make getting healthy enjoyable. The recipes have been developed using everyday food items available in any grocery store. Group discounts are available for retail outlets.

"Between 1990 and 2010", co-author Al Snapp stated, "the incidence of diagnosed diabetes has nearly tripled. The complications from diabetes can at best be very costly and at worst be deadly. We hope to make this book available to anyone who has been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes or is currently borderline. We believe the ideas presented here hold the key to beating Type II Diabetes, as it offers a solution that is simple to understand, easy to implement, is extremely affordable and can work."

Al Snapp has always loved good food. As a result, he was overweight and at age 55 suffered a heart attack. Things got much worse when he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. His doctor informed him that he could go blind, lose his legs and, in time, the combination may finally kill him. Al and his wife Michelle, a gourmet cook, realized the only course of action was to change their diet and do the best they could do to beat the odds. Though they searched all the information available to them, they couldn’t find a book that offered workable solutions involving tasty and healthy food choices. And so they wrote it.

“Every book we found," stated Snapp, "was confusing, outdated or offered boring and tasteless food selection lists. Therefore, our only choice was to develop our own plan and that's what we did. I continued eating gourmet foods. But in 9 months I lost 90 pounds. I am no longer a heart patient or diabetic and I take no medications. What we accomplished was almost unheard of. We then wrote a book that is simple, easy to understand, up to date and offers an endless variety of really healthy, tasty recipes. We are very proud that the book has been endorsed by a leading Cardiologist, Dr. Claudio Manubens, former Chief Of Staff at Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center.”

‘Eat Great & Lose Weight’ is unique in that the concepts in the book overcome the challenges inherent in following a weight loss or Type II Diabetes eating plan. The foods are inexpensive and gourmet recipes from 'Michelle's Kitchen' are featured throughout the book to help assure that the reader can continue to enjoy the foods they have always enjoyed.

“This book is for anyone,” continued Mr. Snapp, “who has decided to change their lifestyle and become healthy, without using pills or expensive plans. The recipes are at a gourmet level, but the foods used to create those recipes are available in any grocery store. By simply changing what you eat, you’ll eat five times a day, never diet and feel better in days. You can reverse Type 2 diabetes, control heart disease, lose weight and live a healthier life."


Al and Michelle Snapp are available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at More information is available at their website. ‘Eat Great & Lose Weight: The Natural Cure for Diabetes’ is available at and at their website at A sample recipe is available for download at the site. Group discounts are available.


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