Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Novel By Author Anne Gilbert, 'Mayor Of The Dog Park', Targets Dog Abusers

Though the awareness of dog abuse has increased in recent years, penalties for abuse remain lenient. Award winning author, nationally syndicated columnist and novelist Anne Gilbert hopes to change that

The subject of dog abuse has risen to the forefront of the consciousness of many Americans. How should dog abusers be punished is a question hotly debated by dog lovers. Many believe lenient court sentences aren't punishment enough.

Nationally syndicated columnist (The Antique Detective) Anne Gilberts novel ‘Mayor Of The Dog Park-Dog Abusers Get Theirs’ offers a unique and controversial story line. The novel has six dog-loving vigilantes punishing the abusers the way they punished the dogs. Pretty rough stuff? Debateable since the abuse stories were taken from actual newspaper stories.
Gilbert suggests some legal options such as registering dog abusers the same way sex offenders are registered, as well as having legal representation for the dogs in court.

During a recent interview on The Authors Show, Gilbert noted that "abused dogs are trauma victims in need of loving care."  
As the owner of two rescued animals Gilbert has followed documented cases of dog abuse over the years. It was the lenient sentences the abusers got in the courts that inspired the book.
"I hope this will stir up interest in new possibilities for dog justice," Gilbert said.

Anne Gilbert is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at antique2@bellsouth.net. 'Mayor Of The Dog Park - Dog Abusers Get Theirs' is available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions and at Barnes and Noble. More information is available at Gilbert's website at http://www.doggieluvs.com.

About Anne Gilbert:
Gilbert has authored nine books on Antiques and art. She is the antiques columnist for the Palm Beach Post. She was the first woman to self-syndicate an antiques column and to focus on fakes and reproductions. Her feature stories written while antiques editor for the Chicago Daily News are archived in “Outstanding Pioneer Women Journalists of the Midwest” at The Newberry Library, Chicago.


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