Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kimberly Davidson, Author Of ‘Torn Between Two Masters’ Believes Father’s Advice Is Key To Reducing Unwanted Teenage Pregnancy And Risky Behavior

Author Kimberly Davidson offers advice to parents whose adolescent daughters may be glamorizing pregnancy and single motherhood in ‘Torn Between Two Masters’. Now a new study demonstrates that a father’s influence may be an important key to reducing teenage pregnancy

'In her book ‘Torn Between Two Masters: Encouraging Teens to Live Authentically in a Celebrity-Obsessed World’, Kimberly Davidson raises important questions about the religion of celebrity and its effect on adolescents today. These important issues include teenage pregnancy and single motherhood.

"Many female celebrities,” stated Ms. Davidson, “glamorize single parenthood. Their message to young girls is women don't need a guy to start a family and to be good mothers. This is a destructive message. Considerable scientific and sociological research points toward a common conclusion: Fathers matter and offer so many benefits to their children. It is clear that although mothers play a vital role in raising daughters (and sons), a father's relationship with his daughter can result in significant and measurable improvements to his daughter's life."

Recent studies support Ms. Davidson’s view. A review about the effect fathers have on the behavior of children appears in the November print issue of Pediatrics. The review encompasses 13 studies. While offering no statistical proof due to the nature of the review, it suggests communication between fathers and children is influential in reducing risky behavior in young people.

Other subjects covered in ‘Torn Between Two Masters: Encouraging Teens to Live Authentically in a Celebrity-Obsessed World’ include but are not limited to:

* Why the lure of celebrity is so powerful
* How to minimize celebrity obsession by increasing a teen's self-worth
* The best ways to help teens navigate and be critical of the media
* How to identify and discourage negative and normalized behaviors such as eating disorders and 'hooking up’
* How Jesus Christ can transform a teen's life into one of purpose

“From a pastoral counselor's perspective” continued Ms. Davidson, “I believe readers will find ‘Torn Between Two Masters’ especially interesting, as the book explores the captivating, and serious, implications of this culture's obsession with celebrities and the effect it has on adolescents. It provides timely insights for parents, youth leaders, and anyone else who loves and mentors teenagers.”

Kimberly Davidson is available for media interviews and speaking engagements and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information is available at her website. ‘Torn Between Two Masters: Encouraging Teens to Live Authentically in a Celebrity-Obsessed World’ is available at Amazon and other online book retailers.

About Kimberly Davidson:

Kimberly Davidson received a MA from Western Seminary, is a board certified biblical counselor and spiritual development coach. She has ministered to women for over ten years, from the walls of prison to youth centers, inspiring them to empower God to meet their emotional and spiritual needs. Kimberly is also a Her Journey leader with ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry Services) and a Guest Instructor at Western Seminary on the subject of Eating Disorders and Body Image.

Kimberly is the author of five books and a contributor to five books, and has penned numerous articles. Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Kimberly has lived in Iowa, New York (Long Island), London, suburbia Chicago, and Los Angeles.


Kimberly Davidson