Thursday, November 1, 2012

Romantic Fiction Author Rusty Blackwood Offers Encouragement And Hope For Indie Authors In New And Past Interviews

Canadian romantic fiction author Rusty Blackwood has been interviewed by Abigail Green of Niagara College, Don McCauley of FPFG,  U.K's Waterstone Publishing's Kirsty Scard for The Book Mogul and a number of other high profile Indie author interviewers. In these interviews she discusses the subjects of writing, romantic fiction, the difference between romantic fiction and erotica, book marketing and the current state of book publishing

Canadian Indie author Rusty Blackwood is a prolific author of romantic fiction, short story comedies, contemporary and traditional poetry and children's books. Her first love is romantic fiction. She recently compiled a number of some of her favorite interviews and has made them available at her website. In these interviews she discusses the subjects of writing, romantic fiction, the difference between romantic fiction and erotica, book marketing, the current state of book publishing and why Indie authors are setting a new standard for authors of every genre.

When asked about answering questions from the media, Canadian Indie author Rusty Blackwood states, "I'm always happy to do an interview, because I feel it helps to allow valuable insight into my work, as well as the reasons why I write. It also allows me the chance to speak about the interesting avenues of the literary world, and what encourages that next piece of literature to be created, or existing work to be built upon."

Rusty Blackwood crosses genres with ease. Her first venture into the competitive world of main-stream fiction was realized in early October 2010 with the release of her debut romance novel, "Passion in Paris: Connections to the Past", the first of two in the ongoing romance/drama. The second part, a romance novel entitled, "Passion in Paris: Directions of the Heart" was released in May 2011. In March of 2012 she released a short story comedy, "The Misadventures Of Derwood Tugbottom". She has also written an eclectic array of Contemporary and Traditional poetry, publishing her first collection in October of 2009 entitled, "Feelings: A Rhythmic Journey in Thought". This title was re-released with additional content in 2011 under the title, "Impressions: Poetic Rhythm in Emotion". "Feelings" was followed in April of 2010 by a collection of assorted short stories for children as well the young at heart, entitled,"Young Minds"  which was later re-released with new added content entitled, "Through the Eyes of Innocence".

Rusty further states, "I think a good, in-depth interview gives the reader a chance to actually know the person who has written a title that they have enjoyed in ways that they otherwise might not. Also, well thought-out questions by a perceptive interviewer can enable the reader to learn about the author's life outside the realm of writing, which is important, because it brings life to an author's name, instead of merely a name beneath a book's title."

Rusty Blackwood is available for interview in the Toronto area and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information regarding her work is available at the site. Ms. Blackwood also holds a monthly drawing for copies of her works. A signup form is also available at her website.

Ms. Blackwood resides in St. Catharines, Ontario and is the author of a number of romance novels, poetry books and children's books.


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