Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Patricia Lyon, Author Of ‘Carnival Mirrors’, Chosen As Finalist For '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'

Lyon was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors who appeared on The Authors Show Radio in 2014. Lyon gives readers actual forms of distortion passed off as Biblical truth

Patricia Lyon, author of 'Carnival Mirrors', has been chosen as a finalist for '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'. Winners will appear in this years edition of the book.

What would you do if two Jehovah’s Witnesses came to your house, and you considered yourself to be a Christian? What would you do if you were unsure of your knowledge of the Bible and of the Witnesses’ teachings?

'Carnival Mirrors' answers the questions according to Patricia's experiences. Patricia does not approve the Watchtower’s way. Though she was never a Witness, she researched the things she read and was told. 'Carnival Mirrors' is the story of how one person did just that to easily discover the truth.

"Carnival mirrors are used for entertainment," Lyon stated, "but their basic purpose is to distort truth. 'Carnival Mirrors' is my own experiences with the Christian denomination of Jehovah's Witnesses, which uses such a purpose in various forms to deceive its own people, who, in turn, deceive outsiders. Every person, whether familiar with the Bible or not, can easily become aware of how this denomination uses deception in its practice of justifying falsehood as honest truth. My personal events with these people, supported by clear proof of what I have written, cannot be invalidated by anyone. Just one example would be reason enough for anyone to never accept the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society's doctrine."

Patricia Lyon is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Her book is available at Westbow Press. More information is available at Patricia Lyon's website at

About Patricia Lyon:

Patricia Lyon earned a BA in foreign language and a Bachelor of Missions in religion at Kansas City College and Bible School. She has written Sunday school material, served as Sunday school and Bible teacher, sub-pastor, superintendent, treasurer, and secretary and presently attends the Middletown, New York Salvation Army Corps.


Patricia Lyon