Monday, December 15, 2014

School For Functional Orthodontics Offers Orthodontic Training Courses, Orthodontist Education

Clinical courses for Dentists, Orthodontists and Pedodontists include training in functional orthodontics, Bimler technique, Planas technique, Aragao and much more

Dr. Michael Gorbonos has announced the lineup of Orthodontic Training Classes at the School for Functional Orthodontics. Gorbono's clinic serves a dual function; it also operates as a teaching center for Functional Orthodontics and associated treatments. The clinic offers orthodontic-orthopedic treatments to patients of any age, starting at age four. The multilingual clinic teaches in five languages including Spanish, Romanian, Hebrew, Russian and English.  Treatment options include:

Functional regulator of Aragao
Breathing exercises
Functional appliances by Planas and Bimler
Exercises for correct swallowing

The clinic provides treatment for orthodontic problems as well as respiratory problems. These include:

Sleep disordered breathing
Obstructive sleep apnoea
Bed wetting

Other treatments are provided for:

Patients with ADHD
Back pain
Pain in articulations
Orofacial pain

A four day training course for dentists, orthodontists and pedodontists incorporates hands-on training with actual patients. The Course content includes theory, the observation of patients using appliances, and instruction regarding how to build appliances to suit the particular needs of each patient. Students can easily acquire the skills necessary in just four days. The training allows participants to incorporated new services into existing practices and opens up new streams of revenue. This is especially true for those who hope to work with younger patients, as these services are very much in demand.

School for Functional Orthodontics can be reached by email at or by phone at 972-50-5597461. More information is available at the school's website at

About Dr. Michael Gorbonos:

Dr. Michael Gorbonos has been in private practice since 1996. He is the founder and president of IFUNA (International Functional Association). Dr. Gorbonos has served as visiting professor at the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Barcelona, Spain, and visiting professor at the Department of Orthodontics, Univeristy Tuluca, Mexico. His offices are located in Haifa, Israel.

Dr Gorbonos applies advanced and innovative techniques to help his patients and specializes in addressing abnormal musculo-skeletal development which is frequently the cause of dental malocclusion and other diseases. The objective is to address the dental irregularity by incorporating an orthopaedic approach to correct the underlying skeletal abnormality.

Dr Gorbonos helped hundreds of children undergo dental treatment successfully without fear or pain through a unique method he developed for treating dental anxiety in children.

His dental practice is set up as a teaching center offering 3-4 day courses. These courses provide the practical and theoretical skills needed for dentists, orthodontists and pedodontists to implement a more comprehensive range of dentistry and orthodontics skills into their practice.


Dr. Michael Gorbonos