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Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Offers Important Advice And Real Help To Self Published Authors

Holstein is a highly successful author who has been down both publishing paths - traditional publishing and self publishing

A newscaster interviewing Diane Von Furstenberg, December 11, 2014, about her new book, 'Baring it All', commented: "You can't get to where you want to go with some rough times."  Fortunately, Diane responded that she was lucky and succeeded with the American Dream early on.  However, both authors who have been lucky enough to find a publisher and Indie book authors often suffer a different type of journey.

"Today many authors find themselves walking through mine fields for years and years," Dr. Holstein stated.  "Over the last 20 years, literally every time an author turns around there is a new way to sell books and usually that new way involves an outlay of a lot of money.  Even worse is the truth that most suggestions, unless applied from dawn to dusk with a bit of fairy dust luck thrown in, led to few books being sold.  Profit margins? Practically nothing. As a result most authors remain in the red."

"That said, bringing one's voice to the pubic via a book that shares a journey, wisdom, or a great read to escape by, is a thrilling adventure.  Where would we be without a good book when we yearn to learn something new or just lose ourselves for a few hours?"

Grateful for the thousands of authors who have dared to spend their money and give themselves to writing books, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, as a positive psychologist and author of books for the past 20 years, declares: "I understand the value of the written word to sooth, to heal, to provide inspiration and relief as we go through life.  I also understand how frustrating it is for an author to throw money down an endless drain of hope that usually brings no results in terms of sales and public exposure."

"Some of my books have publishers, but 'Around Every Corner, Romance & Mystery...' is at the moment an Indie book.  I've decided to look for the opportunities that don't involve my check book.  Here are two great ones that I am participating in now:  Wattpad and SELF-e.  Wattpad is a website you can post chapters from your book, chapter by chapter, giving the author a chance to build a following.  It even allows one to put up a video to go with each chapter, which I have done from my YouTube playlist, 'Around Every Corner'. SELF-e is an opportunity for one's book to be selected by libraries, which has been almost impossible for Indies. Am I hoping for miracles? Of course, every author does deep in her heart.  But at least I know I didn't make out a check that was cashed as someone laughed all the way to the bank."

Dr. Holstein's pathfinder book ‘The Enchanted Self, A Positive Therapy’ was published in 1997 by Harwood Academic Publishers and is now in its second printing through Brunner-Routledge. Her second book ‘Recipes for Enchantment, The Secret Ingredient is YOU’ has received rave reviews as a wonderful inspirational story book. ‘DELIGHT’, Dr. Holstein’s third book is available in two versions, paperback and a CD-rom that includes music, art, and Dr. Holstein’s voice. She is also the author of a book for teens and tweens entitled, 'The Truth, Diary Of A Gutsy Tween', in which Dr. Holstein has embedded positive truths and concepts geared to help girls develop self-esteem and resiliency.  The Truth is published by Sky Pony Press.  The sequel, 'Secrets, Diary Of A Gutsy Teen' will be released February 1, 2015.

Dr. Holstein is also open to the possibility of using product placement within her romance novel. "If any company wants their product mentioned in 'Around Every Corner, Romance & Mystery...', and I don't feel it comprises the story line, I will be thrilled to put the product in.  I will be happy to have Natalie drinking Nescafe or Maggie putting MAC lipstick on."

Dr. Holstein can be contacted by email at drbarbara@enchantedself.com. All of her works are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all other online retailers. More information on Dr. Holstein and her work is available at her website at http://www.EnchantedSelf.com.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, internationally known Positive Psychologist is the creator of The Enchanted Self ®, a positive psychology method for happiness.  She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her husband, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

Dr. Barbara can be found on the web, interviewed, writing articles and posting video 'TED' style talks on Happiness,  Positive Psychology, Relationships and Parenting.

She has been a contributor to Heart and Soul, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Redbook, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Time on line, the Today Show and Family Circle Magazine.


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