Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Author Les Graham Announces Release Of 'Jude's Gentle Giants', A Book About Horses That Teaches Wholesome Family Values

In the tradition of books like 'Where The Red Fern Grows', Graham's work presents wholesome Christian family values set against the backdrop of the relationship between a young boy and his draft horses

Minnesota author Les Graham has announced the release of 'Jude's Gentle Giants'. More than just a book about horses, Graham's book is a coming of age tale that captures the hopes and dreams of Jude, a young farm boy who dreams of owning a pair of Percheron draft horses. While young people will be enthralled with the relationship that develops between Jude and the horses, parents and grandparents will be pleased with the presentation of wholesome family values.

Readers will watch as Jude develops courage, strength, hope and faith. Jude's trials and tribulations, common to nearly all young people, will resonate deeply with readers. Jude transforms from a farm boy with a love of horses into a man of character. Though decidedly Christian in tone, the book has something to offer children from all walks of life. The ability to engage children fully, while simultaneously teaching valuable life lessons, is a rare gift indeed. Graham has created a masterpiece that blends both into fictional tale that will both entertain and educate.

"I wrote this book," Graham stated, " to give young teens a modern day true to life story of what rural life is like growing up on a farm within a Christ centered family. I looked at what is offered to kids to read and was disappointed, dragons, serpents, Amish, or 1,800’s themes are pretty much all that is offered. I wanted to show that dreams can come true through hard work and perseverance in today’s real world. I did not grow up in a Christ centered family so I wanted to at least write about how God designed the family unit."

The storyline features Jude, a high school boy growing up on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota.  Jude dreams of owning his own Percheron draft horse. Through hard work and determination, Jude ends up with two Percherons instead of one. Life is not easy for Jude as he battles to keep his colts alive. With the help of Jude’s Mom, the colts survive and Jude starts with the training ups and downs. An unbreakable bond is forged between Jude and his Percherons. Jude is blessed with strong relationships from Dad, Mom and his sister Becky. God however has a number of battles lined up for Jude.

Reviews by readers have been very positive:

"This book is full of examples of values we don't see much of today - values like respecting teachers and parents, helping older neighbors, accepting personal responsibility (chores and horse care), being a good moral example for others, working and saving for a coveted item, and leaning on faith and prayers to get through hard times."

"This is an excellent book that brings the reader into the life and family of a young man who seeks to live life with a God directed purpose and meaning."

"Any child or young adult who is captivated by horses will love this story of a teen boy's experience raising and training Percheron draft horses. With this story comes life lessons on faith and character. A double win."

"Finally, a true-to-life story that I can feel confident recommending to both youth and adults. Graham does a wonderful job using the teenage character and life of Jude to teach lessons of work ethic, responsibility, forgiveness and family relationships. A wholesome and compelling return to reading for the sake of pure enjoyment! With adventure, humor, intrigue and romance, this story has it all."

'Jude's Gentle Giants' will be featured on national TV in April. RFD-TV will show 'Jude’s Gentle Giants' on the 'Rural Heritage' segment of the show April 7th 3:30pm and April 11th 2:00pm.

Les Graham is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at lesgraham93@gmail.com. 'Judes Gentle Giants' is available at Amazon and Payhip in print and ebook formats. More information is available at Graham's website at http://www.lesgraham.com.

About Les Graham:

Les Graham lives in rural Minnesota with his wife Kathy. Les and Kathy have been married 35 years and have three children and six grandchildren. They own and operate Radiant Outfitters, an in floor heating company.

Les has owned Percherons since 1990 and has had many adventures with them including: weddings, funerals, proms, sleigh rides, logging, mowing hay, raking hay, snow removal, riding, training, and a few parades. Pete and Joe are his current team of Percherons and inspired Les to write ‘Jude’s Gentle Giants’ the first of a two part series.

His spare time is spent with grandkids, writing, some local theater, building timberframe structures, and his horses. 'Surrendering the Reigns' is the second book of the series by Britchin Books, available in April 2015.


Les Graham