Saturday, March 14, 2015

Networking For Los Angeles Women - Girlfriend Grapevine, New Social Media Networking Site For Women, Now Open

Girlfriend Grapevine is an exciting new social media networking platform for women. The site promotes friendship, entertainment and great places to eat or shop. Collaboration opportunities are unlimited

Girlfriend Grapevine, a new networking website based in Los Angeles CA, is now open to members of the public. Billed as the place 'Where Great Friendships Start', this exciting new concept in social media networking offers a host of features missing in other social network websites. At the same time, Girlfriend Grapevine greatly simplifies social media networking. Most importantly the site allows for developing friendships and connecting with others not only in Los Angeles, but also with members regionally and nationally who share the same interests in ways that have not been available before.

Girfriend Grapevine's 'Be In The Spotlight' allows members to feature themselves, their services or a product through the Member Spotlight page. The Girlfriend Grapevine team highlights a member in a special way to help increase attention across all of this rapidly growing community. The site also features local residents as front page models.

The site is available to all women. Girlfriend Grapevine allows women to:

* Connect with others in the local Los Angeles area and also on a regional or national basis

* Develop new friendships and social connections with those in the same age group who share the same interests

* Connect with others when moving to Los Angeles or to a new town or area

There is much more:

* It can help in the search for that new 'BFF'

* It allows for the sharing of reviews of restaurants, clubs or other places of interest to Los Angeles residents

* It allows members to host and attend activities in Los Angeles and across the USA

The site is especially helpful to small business and service business owners in Los Angeles and beyond. These would include:

Life Coaching
Financial Advising
Real Estate
Nail Salon Owners
Nail Artists
Cosmetic Surgeons
Nutrition Counselors
Weight Loss Centers
Fitness Trainers
Hair Stylists
Jewelry Designers

Individual profiles, articles of particular interest to women, interviews and activities have all been put together in an easy to use interface.

In the interest of providing the best social networking experience, Girlfriend Grapevine provides the platform, while members provide the content. Members choose the who, where, when, and how they want to meet new people according to personal style and preference. Membership on this social network website is at no charge and privacy is paramount.

The open-ended format allows for national and regional networking. The site also allows for a local, 'meet-up' style of networking.

Members will really enjoy the site because they can connect with people they would not normally meet. Women in their local communities are looking to meet other women who share their interests for social or business networking purposes. The site provides a user friendly platform to help make that happen easily.

Girlfriend Grapevine can be contacted using the information below or by email at More information is available at the Girlfriend Grapevine website at Videos are available at Youtube at

About Girlfriend Grapevine:

Girlfriend Grapevine is a social media networking site that can easily connect women with other women in their local communities in their age range who share their same interests. Girlfriend Grapevine has taken a few of the online dating world’s strategies and created a fun way to create new friendship opportunities based on member selected criteria. It is an online community providing entertainment and information for women unlike all others.


Girlfriend Grapevine