Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mike Person, Author Of 'With Malice Toward One', Marks The 150th Anniversary Of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

Person's new educational book, 'With Malice Toward One', combines exciting storytelling, sequential graphics and little known facts to create a book about Lincoln's assassination that kids find both informative and engaging

April 14, 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC. Washington is gearing up for the event with ceremonies, theatrical performances, candlelight vigils, tours and a host of other events.

To mark the anniversary, Mike Person will be allowing free access to 'With Malice Toward One' from  April 9th (the date Lee surrendered to Grant) and April 26th (the date John Wilkes Booth was killed). This coincides with the timeline present in 'With Malice Toward One'. The book will be accessible at his website.

'With Malice Toward One, is a highly visual story about the Lincoln assassination. The book combines compelling text in a graphic novel format that kids love. Each page of text is recreated in graphic form on the opposite page. This style of storytelling appeals to a wider age group than might otherwise be the case. The engaging and highly descriptive text, reinforced by powerful graphics, creates a learning experience that can increase engagement for both type of readers - those who love to read and also kids who prefer the graphic novel format.

Person takes everything one step beyond the presentation of well known facts. Little known events regarding what went on behind the scenes of the Lincoln assassination are integrated into the storyline in a manner that rivals even the best mystery thrillers. The end result is an irresistible work that is a history book, a graphic novel and a mystery novel combined. The book holds strong appeal for children, parents and educators. The appeal of the book lies in the fact that it makes history come alive for kids in a way that few other works can achieve.

"My goal with this novel," Person stated, "was to make learning an exciting and memorable experience for children.  I wanted them to see, and understand this amazing moment in American History.  I felt that the best way to gain a child's interest is by helping place a picture in his or her mind.  Children are visual.  I believe children learn much more when they can see what the are reading."

The book has received rave reviews. Roger Norton, Founder of the Abraham Lincoln Research site and the Lincoln Discussion Symposium stated, “I wish Mike Person’s 'With Malice Toward One' had been  available before I retired as a teacher.  I certainly would have used it in my  classroom.  Mike’s book provides the perfect way for students to learn about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  Not only is it richly illustrated, it also  includes a glossary and suggestions for further reading.  The book is the ideal  textbook because students of all ability levels can benefit from it; as the  pages are turned there is explanatory text on the left hand side and comic book  illustrations (with text) on the right hand side.  For students wanting to learn  about the Lincoln assassination there is simply nothing available that even  comes remotely close to Mike’s book in terms of quality and educational value.  Congratulations to Mike Person for producing an invaluable addition to Lincoln assassination lore.”

'With Malice Toward One' will be accessible at Person's website from April 9 through April 26, 2015. Mike Person is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at mperson96@gmail. 'With Malice Toward One' is available at Amazon and other online book retailers. More information is available at his website at

About Mike Person:

Mike Person is both an author and a graphic artist. He lives in Elgin, IL with his beautiful wife Kristi and three wonderful boys.


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