Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Inside The Mind Of A Terrorist - Revealing Diary Of A Captured Terrorist Released By J. C. Clark

Terrorism dominates today's headlines. Most people do not understand the ideology behind these senseless acts. Why do they do it? 'My Days In The Beast: The Diary of a Holy Warrior in America', uncovers some of those reasons through diary entries from a perpetrator

What goes through the mind of terrorists who wage Jihad? Nearly everyone wonders what these people think about Americans and what reasoning lies behind the desire to kill innocent victims worldwide.

Author J.C. Clark provides a graphic and chilling description of the thought processes of a terrorist in his recent release 'My Days In The Beast: Diary of a Holy Warrior in America'.

In this book, weeks of entries translated from Arabic show the distain, contempt and hatred of America held by radical Islam. On 9-11 four groups of al-Qaeda and Hamas terrorists financed by Osama Bin Laden took control of several aircraft, crashing them into and destroying the World Trade Center (WTC) and severely damaging the Pentagon while killing and injuring thousands of Americans. Aamir Al-Mamoura, the author and Holy Warrior or Mujahideen kept the diary for the benefit of his family so that, in the event of his death, they would know the part he played in the great jihad against America.

'My Days In The Beast' has received rave review on Amazon. One review stated,  “I would recommend this book to anyone who doubts the ability of terrorists to do the things they have been doing.”

Another said, “This diary is a frightening read, indeed. The author shows with great skill just how vulnerable we are to fanatical extremists intent on inflicting harm on us, even if they have to make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve their goal.”

Midwest Book Review gave the book a 5 star rating, saying, “What drives a man to give their life to a radical concept? My Days in the Beast is a worthwhile read for readers looking for fiction with a current event twist.”

Seldom do we ask 'how?', as we see the 'how' in the headlines every day. The question that nearly everyone asks is 'why?' This is the question that is answered in 'My Days In The Beast'.

There are no easy solutions to the problems terrorism creates. Though America responds with every available resource available, there seems to be no end to these types of incidents and they appear to be on the increase. What will be attacked next?  Will the threat of terrorism lessen with time? JC Clark does not think so.

“My Days in the Beast” is available in hard copy from Amazon or as an EBook via Nook from Barnes & Noble as well as numerous other EBook providers.

Mr. Clark is available for interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at mspincorp@verizon.net. More information is available at his website at http://www.terror101.com.


Mr. Clark is the author of 'My Days In The Beast'. He is available for interview and can be reached using the information below.


J. C. Clark
Email: mspincorp@verizon.net
Web: www.terror101.com