Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From Prison To Prosperity - Tales2Inspire Presents The Story Of Ray Tapia

'Tales2Inspire' is an ongoing series of books filled with inspiring and motivational stories compiled by Lois W. Stern

A recent story in the New York Times entitled 'Even as Many Eyes Watch, Brutality at Rikers Island Persists' details the problems at Riker's Island. The US Attorney's office, after issuing a report about the brutality at the complex, threatened to sue the city if the situation is not improved.

Another recent story by the New York Times entitled 'Out Of Prison and Staying Out, After 3rd Strike in California', presented some very enlightening information regarding the experiences of inmates released after being handed life sentences under California's 3 strikes law. The return rate, according to the article, is remarkably low.

These stories present two starkly contrasted views of the prison system and the treatment of those caught up in that system.

Ray Tapia’s personal story, From Dungeon to Dignity, now published in 'Tales2Inspire - The Ruby Collection', tells of his struggles after being convicted of armed robbery, serving time in one of the worst run prisons in the Nebraska Prison system, repeatedly being thrown in “the hole”, beaten and abused, becoming a rebellious ringleader who incited riots and fires within the prison walls. And then things began to change. With the help of a new warden, this same prison morphed into something more than a punishment machine. New programs were set in motion to rehabilitate those prisoners who were willing to participate. Ray was one of them. He turned his life around, married his love, Nida, together producing four children all living near the parental home. He has been gainfully employed for over thirty-five years and is a warm hearted pillar of his community.

"Each time I tell Ray’s story," Stern stated, "I get feedback exclaiming 'This one would make a fabulous movie.' Although I celebrate each of my author’s successes, and find it especially gratifying that two of their stories are currently being produced as films, I fervently hope to see Ray’s story, From Dungeon to Dignity, take its rightful place among those honored few."

"Tales2Inspire' provides the best-of-the-best with an opportunity to get one compelling story published, and start them on the road to several strong branding and platform building opportunities. I don’t like using the word ‘unique’ but Tales2Inspire is truly unlike any other writer’s contest. First, there is no submission fee. Then, even after the awards are announced, I continue to work with the author of a ‘tale’ which shows exceptional promise. I do not charge for any of these services because I am committed to the ideal of 'Authors Helping Authors'. Of course there is something in it for me too as I get first rights to publication of each winning ‘tale’."

'Tales2Inspire' is a growing collection of anthologies of varied themes, with each book containing a compilation of stories filled with uplifting, inspiring messages compiled by author Lois W. Stern. Stern has authored some of these stories herself, but many more of them come from winners of her annual ‘Tales2Inspire’ contest. Stern has discovered that inspiring stories can be found everywhere. She continually seeks submissions by talented writers, but also keeps alert to news of unsung heroes whose fascinating stories find their way into one of her books . Each of the inspirational stories, including those submitted by Stern herself, is judged anonymously by a peer group to determine eligibility for publication. There are no fees to submit for consideration, and winning authors receive many no-charge platform-building opportunities.

"Because each of the stories included in any of the ‘Tales2Inspire’ collections is selected for its inspirational value, these books make ideal gifts for both those seeking a simple pick-me-up to those looking for uplifting, motivational messages presented in a very powerful way," Stern stated. "The appeal of these books is not just for people who need a major lift in spirits, but also for those just wanting a good read with embedded ‘feel good’ messages."

The benefits of being a contributing author to 'Tales2Inspire' include, but are not limited to:

* Author's story published in a respected book collection

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Lois W. Stern is available for media interviews and multi-media presentations and can be reached using the information below or by email at tales2inspire@optimum.net. Full details are available on the 'Tales2Inspire' website at http://www.Tales2Inspire.com.


After twenty years as an active educator, Lois W. Stern continued to pursue her love for writing, and soon became co-editor of the then popular Long Island web-zine, LI EYE. As she created and authored the column ‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives’, she solidified her special niche as an investigative journalist. She has put those same talents to work in creating the ‘Tales2Inspire ’“Authors Helping Authors” project/contest and working to encourage and nurture the skills of each of her participating authors. Since she initiated this project in 2012, Lois has published four Tales2Inspire books: The Emerald Collection (Beyond Coincidence’ stories), The Topaz Collection  (Stories of ‘Awakenings & Aha Moments’) The Sapphire Collection (Stories that ‘Echo in the Mind’). and the Ruby Collection (‘Gifts of Compassion’ Stories). Lois’ goal is to continue to publish more books of inspirational stories to add to this series of short gift books, with the name of each author credited for their story.

For a change of pace, Stern is hoping her next Tales2Inspire book will be a collection of humorous, true stories, because “after all, humor is a great anecdote for uplifting one’s mood and replenishing the soul,” explains Stern. Nonetheless, she welcomes stories of many other themes, and suggests authors refer to her website for updates.

Lois is available for interviews and presentations. A sought after speaker, she holds her audiences in rapt attention with multi-media presentations of her winning stories.


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