Thursday, October 1, 2015

'50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' Book Awards Accepting Votes From Public For 2015 Awards

'50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' has been called the 'People's Choice Awards' for authors of fiction and non-fiction books

'50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' is now accepting votes from the public. While most awards programs hand out awards for books, it is the ARTIST behind the book who should be the focus of the award. Most authors overcome tremendous challenges and work very hard to bring their work to market. The '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' awards contest looks for the 'story behind the story'.

In the world of film, some awards are for best movies, others are for best actors/actresses.  Using this analogy '50 Great Writers' bestows awards upon the writer (actor/actress).

In that the contest is about the author, participants submit an essay about their writing journey/career, their expectations as authors, a summary of their body of work and basic information about their books. The public at large is then invited to read these essays and decide whom to vote for.

Authors must build long-term platforms to create ongoing sales and achieve success. People buy books because of the personality BEHIND the work. A great book has very little long-term market value if the author remains relatively anonymous. It is for these reasons '50 Great Writers' focuses sharply on the real story and the personality behind the book.

Award contests must be viewed as being a marketing tool that should be an integral part of the marketing strategies designed by all authors.  It takes time to win awards, and the more awards authors win the more recognition for their work they stand to receive.

Voting is currently open for the 2015 contest. Winners will appear in the 2016 edition of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'. Participants include, but are not limited to:

Arleen Alleman
Nicole Audet
Brian Aull
Barry L. Becker
David Broderick
Ben Bryant
C. A. Clark
Wayne Clark
Anika B. Connage
Julie Cosgrove
Maria Daddino
Betty J. Deniston
Tom Donnan
Daniel P. Douglas
Martha Du'Sage
Jenni Eden
Simone Faith
Linda Maria Frank
Tyra S. Garlington
Kass Ghayouri
Laura Hughes
Norma Jennings
Isadore J. Lawson
Leila Lynne Leidtke
Cindy A. Lewis
Barbara Lieberman
Donna Louis
Patricia Lyon
Dana Lyons
Kelly Marshall
Tina Martel
Vincent McCrudden
Marie McGaha
Brian A. McLaughlin
Tom O'Grady
Frankie Picasso
Chris Rhodes
J. E. Smythe
Dr. Joyce Willard Teal
Brenda Thornlow
Alisha Wade & Skye White
James Westly
Mary J. Williams
Henry B. Zimmer

'50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' is an annual publication written and produced by The Authors Show - "The Authors Marketing Powerhouse" - and is marketed through their substantial publicity outreach channels. Winners are presented in the annual publication, available to the public, with the author's photo, website address, book title(s), and the author's unique story. Winners may also state they have been featured in "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading" in any of their own marketing materials. This produces instant credibility, a third party endorsement and a lot of marketing value. Winners receive ongoing recognition and can use their winner status as marketing and publicity tools in hundreds of ways to increase sales. Winners are also featured on a dedicated website.

The Grand Prize winner receives a marketing and publicity package worth several thousand dollars.

The public can cast their vote for the best 'story behind the story' by visiting 'The Authors Show' website. All entries can be reviewed by visiting, where votes may be cast. More information is available at The Authors Show site. Questions about the contest should be submitted to Danielle Hampson at

About The Authors Show:

The Authors Show is a professional book marketing audio and video program that offers participants three major benefits:
1. The production of a professionally edited audio and/or video tool showcasing the participating author and his/her book(s),
2. Each participating author is included in their substantial weekly social media outreach
3. The show shares with participants their own pool of readers by broadcasting their interview on the network, putting books work in front of thousands of potential book buyers authors would otherwise not reach.


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