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Dr. Carson's Statement That Obamacare Is The Worst Thing Since Slavery Is Supported By Medical Literature Says Dr. Richard Ruhling

Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician, an expert on Biblical prophecy and the author of 'The Alpha & Omega Bible Code'

Dr. Richard Ruhling believes that Dr. Carson's statement comparing Obamacare to slavery is supported by the medical literature. He offers 4 important points for consideration:

·    Most medical symptoms are a result of foods that we have eaten for many years.
·    Drugs can relieve symptoms but they don't address the cause and usually give us trouble later.
·    Medical literature supports prescription drugs as a leading cause of illness, disability and death.
·    Obamacare is slavery because it forces people into a system they could do better without.

Dr. Richard Ruhling was board-certified in internal medicine before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University, a community featured in the cover story on Longevity by National Geographic, Nov, 2005. Ruhling was in charge of Executive Health and doing a detailed food history (something that most practitioners never do). He noted at the time that several executives said sugar, cheese or meat bothered their joints.

Ruhling suffered from headaches but could not determine the cause. He even consulted a neurologist who taught medical students and was told that food would be “a very rare cause” of his type of [tension] headache.

Later, practicing with an allergist, Ruhling learned the neurologist didn't know--he was allergic to wheat. When he ate two sandwiches a day (Mon-Fri) he had no headaches, but on the weekend with little bread, he had headaches most Monday mornings. He couldn't blame partying or hating his job—his symptoms came from a withdrawal of a food to which he had built a tolerance.

Ruhling says its the same mechanism for most people who have symptoms that their doctor doesn't know the cause of, (they don't get their symptoms when they eat their favorite food and get a high). They feel the pain or problem later upon withdrawal or “detox.”

Our bodies are built by the nutrition we give them from the day we are born. If we were “normal” at birth but have problems at 40, 60 or 80, we did it to ourselves, says Ruhling who is retired in good health, and in his mid-70's.

"The science of pharmacology evolved from toxicology—the study of how much chemical will kill half the rats," Dr. Ruhling stated. "Not much has changed. The focus now is symptomatic care and most drugs have a long list of adverse side effects. People should read their prescription's package insert and Google the adverse effects to understand any condition they could have."

Sooner or later, a drug must be discontinued. Ruhling suggests a change in diet before starting a prescription that usually masks a symptom because afterwards we can't tell if we could get better by simply changing our diet.  Often a second drug is often prescribed for the adverse effects of the first drug, and that can mean double trouble. 

Medical care was seen as a leading cause of death when the Journal of American Medical Assoc. reported 106,000 deaths in hospitals from Adverse Drug Reactions, defined as a drug “properly prescribed and administered.” (4-15-98).

That doesn't seem so bad, but two years later, the Western Journal of Medicine reported 199,000 deaths as outpatients. Added together, this makes 305,000 deaths per year from drugs that were “properly prescribed” and it made medical care the #3 cause of death. The journal also showed--

•    For each death, 550 people were sick enough to see their doctor.
•    For each death, 40 peope were sick enough to be put in the hospital.
•    For each death, 15 people were put in nursing homes (messed up for life?)

Then comes the Archives of Internal Medicine. "From 1998 through 2005, reported serious adverse drug events increased 2.6-fold...fatal adverse drug events increased 2.7-fold." (Sept 10, 2007, p 1752). This article questioned the mysterious increase, but US Congress' approval of TV drugs ads in 1997 should be a clue Ruhling believes.

Since deaths increased 2.7 fold from 1998 to 2005, with TV drug ads continuing, deaths have probably increased another 2.7-fold. Multiplying 305,000 deaths/year by 5.4, prescribed drugs may kill 1.65 million people per year. These are not old people in nursing homes. Most of them weren't even in the hospital.

These figures are close to those for heart disease, but two-thirds of heart disease deaths are from patients over 75, many of whom are in nursing homes.

The average nursing home patient gets 11 prescriptions a day. So if they die suddenly, it might not really be their heart, but unless the doctor orders an autopsy, who knows? It's fashionable to die of heart disease and that's what usually goes on the death certificate. This supports the likelihood that prescriptions could be the #1 cause of illness and death, especially before age 75.

Some nursing home prescriptions are for sleep or bowels--only if needed, but it's no wonder that, on a visit, one may see a resident standing in the hallway, staring into space as he or she fills their diaper and everything is “okaaay.”

By contrast, Dr. Ken Cooper (author of Aerobics) said his mother went for her exercise on Friday, didn't feel well over the weekend and died Monday—no period of disability or custodial care. Staying active helps.

Ruhling moved to DC to confront US Senators with medical literature on prescription drugs until one Senator said, “You are wasting your time--they own us," referring to donations to their re-election by drug companies--$400 million per year, as stated by Marcia Angell, MD, former editor of New England Journal of Medicine on 60 Minutes.

With politicians like that and Pelosi who said, "We need to vote for this Obamacare to see what's in it," Ruhling says we should understand their ignorance and also a willingness to force it on everyone—like slavery, as Dr. Carson said.

Carson sees vaccinations done at school as okay. Ruhling thinks the immune system of tiny infants can't handle the vaccinations, noting that in Japan where they wait two years to vaccinate, the autism is much less and the Amish who don't vaccinate have no autism. Ruhling says he didn't have his kids vaccinated and said if he had, he would have insisted on the vaccine coming from a single dose vial, not a multi-dose bottle with preservatives that can contain mercury or formaldehyde.

Because so much of our health destiny is related to what we eat, Dr. Ruhling offers a special DVD designed to help the average person make better choices. The suggestions it offers have helped untold thousands to reverse heart disease, diabetes and other serious conditions as suggested by the testimonials on his website where the reader can see five minutes of it, including Dr. Esselstyn from the Cleveland Clinic, Bill Clinton's cardiologist when surgery wasn't recommended.

Dr. Ruhling is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'The Alpha & Omega Bible Code' is available on Amazon. Readers can get more information at Ruhling's website at

About Dr. Richard Ruhling:

Dr. Richard Ruhling is a physician whose interest in retirement is Bible prophecy and alternative healthcare. More information on these and many other topics is offered on his site.


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