Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spiritual Healing, Meditation And Mediumship - Pat Chalfant, Author Of 'Spirit Lights', Offers Guidance And Proof

Oregon Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant's amazing psychic gifts have helped hundreds of individuals worldwide

Most of us are familiar with Spiritualist mediumship, in which a medium addresses a crowd of people, then delivers greetings and convincing identification to many of them from friends and loved ones who have passed on.

There is another kind of mediumship that is less familiar to most of us.  It is the medium who heals.  This medium works the same way that the message-giving medium does — assisted by a spirit guide who heals through the medium from the Other Side of Life. The person who is perhaps the most familiar to us as a source of other-worldly healing is Edgar Cayce, but he didn’t refer to his source as a spirit “guide,” instead, he simply called it “The Source.” Cayce's astounding abilities brought healing to thousands of people.

Pat Chalfant, author of 'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship', has direct experience with spiritual healing. As a certified medium, she has seen the results personally.

"My husband and I," Chalfant stated, "received Spiritualist healing in Los Angeles over the years from a man named Malcolm Smith who discovered he was a healing medium when he was visiting his aunt’s house one day and a Spiritualist medium who was also visiting inquired, “Do you know that you’re a healer?”  He asked what she meant and his aunt’s friend explained that a spirit guide works with a Spiritualist healer and brings healing from the Other Side through the healer to people who are ill.  He went home and successfully tried out his abilities with family members, then later branched out and began to offer healing to the public.  He became widely known after he approached the Edgar Cayce foundation, A.R.E., and they began to sponsor his healing in major cities all over America."

"If you have ever thought that you might want to be a healer, you might want to investigate the training program for healers in Spiritualist churches.  Malcolm Smith got some experience and advice from them early on in his career.  The most powerful healing I have ever experienced was from a healer in my own Spiritualist church in Panorama City, CA, who had developed her healing ability in Brazil where Spiritualism also exists but is called 'Spiritism.'  You may want to be a healer and, if so, you couldn’t find a better place to study than with the Spiritualists."

'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship', explains how Pat, a real skeptic regarding such matters, developed mediumship abilities and now lives a life transformed by the spiritual. Mediumship is a controversial issue and Pat understands this, but she also believes that credible mediumship holds the promise of real benefits for mankind that have not been fully explored.

In addition to offering one-on-one client consultations, Pat has penned the 'Spirit Lights Song Book' and three of those songs are in the National Spiritualist Association of Churches hymn book. There are samples of the words and music on her web site, www.patchalfant.com, and ‘Spirit Lights’ song books for sale there, too. She does readings for clients by phone and teaches mediumship development classes. She has also created a DVD entitled 'Spirit Lights Psychic Development DVD'.

Pat Chalfant is currently appearing on The Authors Show. Her interview is available now at The Authors Show site. 'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship' is available at her website and at Amazon. Pat is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at pat.chalfant@patchalfant.com. Pat maintains a Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9qOQWIWR-DUL8hBDqE5TnQ.  She is also available for inspirational lectures. More information is available at her website at http://www.patchalfant.com.

About Pat Chalfant:

Oregon Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant's amazing psychic gifts have helped hundreds of individuals worldwide. Pat has written a column on parapsychology and interviewed Hollywood stars and the psychics who read for them for a national newspaper. Other topics she’s taught and written about are: past life therapy, death and dying, the Edgar Cayce work, the Cathars, and Spiritual healing.

The Association for Past Life Research and Therapies newsletter published a series of her interviews with psychiatrists, psychologists, and hypnotherapists who were all west coast pioneers of past life therapy. Pat believes that series is destined to become a book.

She teaches internationally online and also hosts an online Spiritualist circle, Spirit Lights Chapel.


Pat Chalfant