Thursday, October 22, 2015

Why Ben Carson's Nazi Analogies Matter; We Should Revisit The Liberal NY Times Opinion Page Says Dr. Richard Ruhling

Dr. Richard Ruhling is an expert on Biblical prophecy and is the author of 'The Alpha & Omega Bible Code'

A recent liberal opinion trivialized Carson for what seemed like wacko views, but maybe the journalist just forgot a few things that Carson remembered. Dr. Ruhling offers the following for consideration:

In the 30 years since REX 84, we've seen a transformation of thinking that internment camps okayed by President Reagan for illegal aliens can now be used for political dissidents and potential domestic terrorists because of their fundamental Bible beliefs.

Maybe we forget “FEMA camps”, but YouTube has 310,000 results for the search including President Obama's explanation of “prolonged detention” ( for those who have bad intentions (no history of crime)

In spite of the Posse Comitatus Act forbidding the use military equipment used against civilians, we saw it at Waco where flammable CS tear gas was used  in connection with a flame-throwing tank and the media blamed the Branch Davidians.

We saw an Oklahoma City Bombing that got rid of the Waco records stored there with the blame on a fertilizer bomb when former FBI expert Ted Gunderson found other explosives on the supporting columns on the morning after the BATF did “a drill” before and didn't come to work the morning that women and children at a daycare center were blown into eternity.

We've seen Oklahoma City used to get funding for FEMA which is like the BATF on steroids, and yes, they were in NY City when the WTC came down. Search “Building 7” on YouTube for more questions unanswered on how structural steel could turn to powder by an airliner's diesel fuel at the top, and never mind reports of a high-tech nuclear event in the basement, even if came from Russia.

We've seen military exercises that satisfy the warning of Christ to flee in the 13th chapter of Mark, but Christians are like the frog in slowly heating water, not knowing whether to jump or be raptured (  

Ed Snowden did us a favor to reveal the extensive surveillance  that now has data on all of us and some people still can't see a similarity to Nazi Germany.

Carson's points may seem odd to those who don't wish to understand them, but gun control to make good people helpless doesn't make bad people harmless. And somehow any connection with Islam seems to escape the media as we prefer to wonder, "How can this be happening again?"

In Israel where others have guns, someone shooting on a bus is usually dead quickly. If teachers were taught how to use a gun, we might see less of this as in Switzerland. Guns are to murder as spoons are to obesity.

We aren't seeing gun control as a UN agenda to make it safer for their “peace-keepers” when chaos comes to our cities, of which the 18th chapter of Revelation is a warning.

Nazi Germany would take children from a homeschooling family, but it happened a couple years ago when a German family fled to the US for safe haven, and our government sent them back to face prosecution.  Our government did the same with Iraqi Christian refugees in California as we invite Muslims to come. 

A town in Germany of 3,000 is being forced to accept 4,000 refugees! Pictures show mostly young men—where are the women, children and elderly? Why won't Muslim countries take the refugees—Saudi Arabia has 100,000 air-conditioned tents empty and won't take a single one.

Islam teaches we are the Great Satan, the holocaust never happened and infidels must convert or die, but it's okay to lie for Allah. Obama got that right—we have surely been misled by the “change” he promised.

Obama must have an abiding hostility for Christians because he says they are a threat to national security. At George Washington University this week, his assistant attorney general, John Carlin, revealed a new position just to monitor Christians. The office of Domestic Terrorism Counsel, will be created to combat the “real and present threat” of domestic terrorism. Carson was more realistic than crazy...while trying to be careful yet honest.

Our Constitution says no taxation without representation. Most Americans would be against most of the above points, so how did it all happen? The word means illegitimate. Isn't that what we see in DC? In summary, maybe Carson isn't so crazy...just trying to be careful and still be honest.

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