Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How To Get A Book Published And How To Market It - Great Writers Publishing Offers Valuable Tips For New And Established Authors

Great Writers Publishing is a hybrid book publisher with a clear focus on marketing

There is a great deal of hype, hearsay and rumor associated with self publishing. The growth of self publishing has opened many doors that were previously closed to many authors. Sadly many authors rush headlong to bring their book to market without a firm grasp on what it really takes to publish and market a book effectively. As a result, many great books languish in obscurity and some are never seen by the buying public.

Many authors spend a great deal of time and money on production, publishing and marketing and fail nevertheless. Some fall for the hype and hearsay. It’s human nature. We like to think that somebody out there has a magical solution or some kind of ‘secret’ approach or technique.

In regards to effective marketing, there are no secret methods. There are no shortcuts. There is no magical solution.

Great Writers Publishing takes a hybrid approach to publishing that is based in real world experience. Formed by partners with decades of experience in Internet marketing, publicity and media, the company pulls the best strategies from both traditional publishing and self-publishing models to create a hybrid publishing approach that makes sense in today’s consumer-driven digital environment. Their goal is to get the best product into the hands of targeted book buyers, to maximize profits and to reduce costs. They attempt to cut through all the hype and hearsay to produce marketing models that produce results for authors and publishers.

Great Writers Publishing offers a number of informative resources including a webcast entitled "13 Ways To Improve Your Book Marketing Results Today" available at the Great Writers Publishing site. Articles available to the public on the Great Writers Publishing site include:

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Great Writers Publishing offers a number of resources that can help authors understand the publishing process and can help them develop effective strategic marketing plans. These include no charge marketing assessments of books and marketing and publicity strategy analysis services. Videos and articles are available at the site. Questions may be directed to More information is available at the company's website at

About Great Writers Publishing:

Great Writers Publishing follows a hybrid publishing model. The company focuses on marketing from start to finish, from publishing through production and promotion. They pull the best strategies and techniques from various publishing models and drop the rest. This approach results in a publishing model that is totally unique; one that is specifically designed to create marketing results in today's Internet book marketing environment.


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