Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Market Crash September 26 - Prophetic Nature of Biblical “Feast Days”

The new moon crescent on the eve of September 26 is the Feast of Trumpets when the trumpets of Revelation may coincide. It was so October 1, 2008 when the US Senate approved $760 billion for banksters and the stock market crashed for 10 days

"The Bible says God declares the end from the beginning and He appointed annual Sabbaths to teach truths that may include economic collapse when 'green grass is burnt up,' Revelation 8:7. Grass decodes as rich men in James 1:9-11 (King James Bible),” says  Dr. Richard Ruhling, retired physician. As a former Seventh-day Adventist he sees the religious denominations as siding with papal tradition in abolishing those festivals that were “appointed times” for prophetic events.

"Economic collapse may be the modern expression of Elijah's prayer for no rain. We are so focused on money and what it will buy that we overlook God and things that money won't buy. Maybe we should pray for America to have no money so it will repent before it's fully destroyed, even as Elijah claimed the promise of no rain for Israel's apostasy," said Ruhling.

Dr. Richard Ruhling has authored numerous books and he reminds us that the new moon on October 7, 2013 saw a government shut-down, but they just voted to raise the debt ceiling and print more money. Printing more money hasn't solved the problem and George Soros is betting $2 billion to short the market. Maybe he knows something we don't?

Best-sellers are hyped by media, but Ruhling believes apocalyptic events will test our literacy on the original best-seller, the Bible. If the economy crashes, he recommends a non-rapture book, The Bridegroom Comes! as a “heads up” for the next biblical festival and blood moon in the spring. A free copy of the ebook is available Saturday, September 27 on Amazon and further information is available at his website at http://pub.lucidpress.com/TotalHealth/.

About Dr. Richard Ruhling:

Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. He attended a Bible college, is non-denominational and may be contacted for speaking on health, current events or Bible prophecy.

Ruhling authored 'Exodus 2: A Christian Patriot's Answer to the Coming Civil War - Fight or Flight?', 'The Bridegroom Comes’ and ‘Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor - Choices That Can Save Your Life’. More information is available at his websites and Amazon.


Dr. Richard Ruhling